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The new Google Chrome extension to watch Netflix in company

It's called "Netflix Party" and you can download it now

The new Google Chrome extension to watch Netflix in company It's called Netflix Party and you can download it now

We're living in a time of reclusion. One of the best solutions to make it through the day is to binge-watch every single title from the Netflix library. In the past few days, many have tried to watch the same movie or series with their friends using the opportunities of such apps as Skype, Apple FaceTime and Houseparty. From now on, everything's going to change: there's Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that will make things easier and allows more users to synchronize their laptops on the same video.

Netflix Party is a "a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online", as it's written on their official website. It's very easy: the extension synchronizes every video playback and adds a group chat to live-comment. A user just have to download it at this link and install it on Google Chrome. At this point, everytime he'll be watching a Netflix film or series, on his Chrome will appear a red button that generates a link; the Netflix user who clicks on the link will automatically be redirected to the streaming service's website, allowing him to enter the "party".

It's not the first time that a similar function helps the binge-watchers: first it was the turn of Rave, another extension that allows the synch of Netflix and YouTube's videos, but only on smartphones. For now, Netflix Party is the only one working con computers, too.

Netflix Party is a free, yet unofficial extension of Chrome, which means that it's no related to Netflix. Despite that, it has already convinced more than 500.000 users. Who knows? It could be the right shift to feel less alone even if we're segregated in our tiny little-rooms.