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10 brand new tv series to watch in 2019

Among angels, demons, crime and many superheroes

10 brand new tv series to watch in 2019 Among angels, demons, crime and many superheroes

New year for bingewatchers means many TV series. Many are in trepidation to see the new seasons of True Detective and Stranger Things or the latest of Game of Thrones, but in 2019 there will also be several new projects. There will be the land on the edge of the Apocalypse, the attempt to solve the mysterious murder of Black Dahlia, superheroes of various kinds and many hours spent in front of the screen.

NSS tells you 10 TV series that promise to make me fall in love ... or, at least, they will try!


Good omens - Amazon Prime Video, 2019  

While the arrival of the second season of American Gods (a show with an amazing aesthetic!) is imminent, 2019 brings to the screen a new project based on a novel written by Neil Gaiman together with Terry Pratchett. Good Omens with its ironic and wacky story of angels, demons, witches, children, parody of the classic horror movies and other fantastic creatures, promises to be one of the coolest series of the year. To confirm this, we should wait to see all the episodes following the adventures of the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and the devil Crowley (David Tennant), two friends committed to averting the armageddon caused by an eleven-year-old antichrist. In the cast also Johnn Hamm and Frances McDormand.


Wayne - YouTube Premium, January 16th

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, screenwriters of Deadpool, bring to the screen a new crazy antihero, without superpowers but with a great desire for revenge. The plot? The fifteen year old Wayne (Mark McKenna), this also the title of the new series that will air on YouTube Originals, is a teenager who starts looking for the car stolen from his father along with Del (Ciara Bravo), the girl he is in love with , ending up in trouble, fistfights and swear words, with undertaking a battle to settle the wrongs of the world. Kick-Ass meets The End of the F *** ing World.


Catch-22 -Hulu, 2019 - Sky Atlantic, 2019 

Almost 20 years by E.R., George Clooney returns to the small screen as a producer, director, and interpreter of Catch-22. This miniseries, based on the homonymous novel by Joseph Heller and already the origin of a 1970 anti-militarist film directed by Mike Nichols, is set in Italy during the Second World War and was filmed last spring between Sardinia and Rome. In the 6 episodes we follow the odyssey of John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), a bomber of the US Air Force forced to perform more and more potentially lethal missions and, therefore, would like to request exemption for psychiatric reasons. The problem? Comma 22, the rule according to "Who is crazy can ask to be exempted from flight missions, but who asks to be exempted from the flight missions is not crazy". In the cast also Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House.


Miracle Workers - TBS, 12 February 

And if God, now disinterested in what happens on Earth, just wanted to devote himself to his hobbies or maybe open a restaurant? The planet would be on the verge of catastrophe. This is the incipit of Miracle Workers, comedy series based on the book What in God's Name by Simon Rich, starring the legendary Steve Buscemi in the role of god and Daniel Radcliffe, in the role of an angel who takes care of listening to the prayers of being human and search together with his "colleague" of Heavens Inc., Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan), to avoid the end of the world. Did we already say that Steve Buscemi is in the cast? Do we have to add anything else?


The Witcher - Netflix, 2019 

Henry Cavill becomes the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia for The Witcher, the TV transposition of the fantasy stories told by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski made even more popular by the successful videogame of the same name. To survive in a cruel world, the character played by the former Superman will have to ally with a powerful witch and a young princess with a dangerous secret. The details are still few, but the hype around the project is constantly increasing. For the moment it is only known that the direction is entrusted to Alik Sakharov, already behind the camera for Got and Marco Polo.


Sex Education -Netflix, 11 January 

Gillian Anderson in a blonde version is a sexologist who grows up her teenage son, Otis, between embarrassing conversations and manuals on the subject so much to make an expert ready to give advice to their classmates, in the new British comedy of Netflix. The trailer promises irony, sarcasm and brilliant interpretations of the protagonists.


Watchmen - HBO, 2019 

This project is still almost completely top secret, but, you know, superheroes are the favorite subject of movies and TV series, so this adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons by the co-creator of Lost and The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof, is surrounded not only by mystery, but by hype. For now we know that tells a new story set in the same dystopian world of the original work, in which the superheroes are treated like the outlaws and that in the cast there are Jeremy Irons in the smartest man in the world and Jean Smart in the an FBI agent engaged in the investigation of a murder. Too few details? Be patient.


City on a Hill - Showtime, 2019 

Kevin Bacon returns to wear the FBI badge. After being Ryan Hardy in The Following, he becomes Jackie Rohr for the crime drama written by Chuck MacLean and directed by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: 12 episodes set in the Boston of the early '90s at the time when justice, blurred by corruption and racism, is about to change course thanks to an African American district attorney (Decoucy Ward) helped by the character of Bacon. A good crime can not miss in 2019 and Bacon is always a great actor, so, hopefully, a guarantee.


I Am the Night - TNT, January 28th 

Another miniseries, this time with Chris Pine. The subject is one of the most mysterious unsolved crimes in history: the murder of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia. The star of Holliwood will be a former Marine in search of redemption that is dedicated to the case and will share the scene with the actress India Eisley who plays Fauna Hodel, a girl abandoned by her teenage mother at the color casino in a casino in 1949 who begins to investigate his mysterious past. Are you curious?


The Umbrella Academy - Netflix, 15 February

Did you know that Gerard Way, the singer of My Chemical Romance, has created a successful comics? Well, that project now becomes a Netflix TV series. A group of superheroes are still protagonists: six extraordinary guys who, after being adopted by an alien in disguise and instructed to save the world from any threat, put themselves on the trail of the mysterious murderer of their foster father while they continue to defend humanity. Among them there is a girl capable of emanating powerful destructive waves, one who can levitate, another who knows how to move objects with thought and one who communicates with the dead.