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nss Christmas Shopping Guide: 10 'street' gifts for your parents

Our tips for the best Christmas presents for your 'hype' parents

nss Christmas Shopping Guide: 10 'street' gifts for your parents Our tips for the best Christmas presents for your 'hype' parents

The hardest time of the year has come. Yes, you have to gift something to your parents, and I can already picture your anxious and panicking faces but chill, we at nss magazine are ready to come and rescue you. We thought of 10 gifts ideas that will make you look like the perfect offspring and at the same time will make your parents look good in their Instagram profiles. 10 'street' gift ideas to make your parents the coolest. You're welcome. 


New Balance 608v1 Women 

For your mother, who walks miles and miles everyday, absolutely perfect. A chunky shoe suitable for every occasion, especially during the weekends when she will go for a walk with your dad and the dog. She will thank you for the comfort and because she will finally get rid of that back ache. 

Price: 85,00 €
Buy here


Supreme Pile Lined Plaid Flannel Shirt


Per questa camicia di flanella vostro padre potrebbe impazzire di gioia. Calda, comoda e morbidissima. This flannel shirt will make your father go crazy. Warm, comfortable and super soft. 

Price: 148,00 €
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Salomon XA PRO 3D

The comfort is the key even this Christmas, this Salomon will fit like a glove on your father's tired feet. 

Price: 135,00 €
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Chino Relaxed-Fit Ralph Lauren  

Starting from the name of the item you'll understand why these pants will win over your father's heart. We can already see him lying on the couch, in front of the fire plece, wearing his Ralph Lauren chinos. 

Price: 165,00 €
Buy here


Flat Sack Black Palace Skateboard

You can't stand your father sporting that old leather satchel? Problem solved. 

Price: 54,00 €
Buy here


Prada metal earrings

These earrings will change the game. The price isn't cheap, but you know, for your mother is never enough. 

Price: 390,00 €
Buy here


Asian Green Tea Creed Women's Perfume 

Simply one of the best perfumes you could ever give to your mother. Creed, an anchor since 1760. 

Price: 315,00 €
Buy here 


Pullover Maison Margiela 

Knitted jacquard and your father will have the best sweater of this holiday season. To show off at the dinners with the entire family, rumor has it it could be the lucky charm for the bingo. 

Price: 279,00 €
Buy here


Patagonia Men's Better Sweater™ Fleece Jacket 

For the hiking in the mountains and the lunches at the cabins. Super tech and super fresh dad. 

Price: 120,00 €
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Your mother needs a new wallet, always has, always will. Here it is. 

Price: 330,00 €
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