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Best summer vacation cartoon episodes

From the Futurama crew on the Titanic to "Rick & Morty" relaxing stay in an alien spa

Best summer vacation cartoon episodes  From the Futurama crew on the Titanic to Rick & Morty relaxing stay in an alien spa

Summer holidays are sacred for everyone. Also in the world of cartoons. For example, the Simpsons have been around half the world: from Tokyo to Las Vegas, from Ireland to New York, from Australia to London, from Bangalore to China and twice in BrazilAll epic moments.

While you wait for your time to pack and spend a few days of well-deserved relaxation, nss looks back the best episodes of these series: from the crew of Futurama on a cruise on the Titanic to the "relaxing" stay of Rick And Morty in an alien spa. Looking at cartoons can be the most fun way to choose the next destination for your holidays.

Futurama S01 E10 "A Flight To Remember"

Six actual seasons and three films. All very pleasant, small masterpieces signed by Matt Groening, which, unfortunately, have not enjoyed their well-deserved luck. A perfect example is "A Flight To Remember".

The plot? The Planet Express crew is tired of delivering parcels around the universe, so Professor Farnsworth offers the entire crew a prize vacation on the Titanic spacecraft. During the inaugural voyage of the largest and most luxurious space cruise ship ever built, new couples bloom and intertwine. Fry pretends to be the fake boyfriend of both Leela and Amy, who tries to escape the unwanted advances of Zapp Brannigan, and Amy, who wants to hide her real lover, Kif, to her parents. The real protagonists of the episode are however Bender and his love affair with the Countess De La Roca, who, like a new Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, face a premature separation when the ship sank into a black hole due to captain Zapp's inexperience.

Prepare the handkerchiefs for this cartoon version remake of Cameron’s Titanic.

SpongeBob SquarePants S09 E22 "Mooncation" 

Even at Bikini Bottom, it's vacation time. The squirrel Sandy dreams of spending a relaxing time in solitude on the moon. SpongeBob wants to wish good luck to his friend and decides to surprise her with a cake "Have fun on the moon”. When he comes with dessert the countdown to launch the rocket has already begun and for the sea sponge it is too late to go down harm was done, Sandy now has an unexpected traveling companion with whom to play and practice some crazy sports, including riding on the craters of the moon.
It sounds fun, right?

Family Guy S13 E18 “Take My Wife”

Lois and her friends are tired of being neglected by their husbands, so they book a holiday to the Bahamas for everyone. The initial enthusiasm fades when the crew discovers that it is actually a marriage counseling program. The therapy includes an exchange of couples and even a fake popular revolt with lots of shots and abductions. All, of course, a part of a strategy to remind couples of their love ... the things we do to make a marriage work ...

Fun facts: in a fragment of the episode we hear the song "The Tide is High" by Blondie. 

The Simpsons S13 E15 “Blame it on Lisa”

Simpsons' holidays are epic. Episode after episode, the entire family created by Matt Groening has been around half the world: from Tokyo to Las Vegas, from Ireland to New York, from Australia to London, from Bangalore to China and twice in Brazil. The first of this double act dates back to 2002 when Marge & co. leaves Springfield to go in search of a small orphan named Ronaldo, adopted from a distance by Lisa.

Once landed in the South American country, they discover that all men are bisexual and monkeys torment people in the street. During the episode the family is robbed by a gang of babies, Homer is kidnapped by a taxi driver, Bart remains "hypnotized" in front of the TV by a children's show entitled Teleboobies and then he is swallowed by a snake... in short, a satirical mix of all the main stereotypes associated with Brazil.

Result? A diplomatic incident, with the Rio tourism council threatening legal action against the show for having damaged the Latin American country and the cartoon executive producer, James Brooks, who apologizes to the beautiful city and the people of Rio de Janeiro and offers to invite the President of Brazil to Fox's Celebrity Boxing. Despite the brawl, the Simpsons will return to the country in another episode, when Homer will be the referee at the Football World Cup.

Fun facts: The original title of the episode, "Blame it on Lisa" references the 1984 film with Michael Caine and Demi Moore, "Blame it on Rio".

Daria “Is It Fall Yet?”

Did you know that even the most cynical TV hipster goes on vacation? In "Is It Fall Yet?", not just a single episode, but the first of two television-based feature-length films, Janesi is retired to a colony of artists, while Daria is forced by her mother to spend her summer vacation as a volunteer in a day camp run by Mr. O'Neill. At the same time as the new job, Miss Morgendorffer has to manage the romance with Tom, Jane's ex-boyfriend and why the girl has stopped talking to her BFF. Will they be able to solve their problems before the arrival of autumn?

Our suggestion to find out more is to enjoy the feature film and, if finished, you will fall in love with the adventures of Daria, we remind you that MTV is working on a reboot of the popular cartoon 90s.

Fun facts: Special guest voices of the episode are Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl and presenter Carson Daly.


Rick And Morty S03 E06 “Rest and Ricklaxation”

After a long and stressful adventure, both Rick and Morty decide they need a break. The solution? Relaxing in an alien spa. Here the couple decides to try a machine that removes all the toxicity, but, in reality, they are split in two: Regular Rick and the rude, lying, ingenious Toxic Rick; the regular Morty and the nervous, pathetic, toxic Morty. The disaster is assured and, in the course of the episode, Morty even becomes "The Wolf of Wall Street"-esque broker.

Fortunately, the happy ending is resolved and "Rick And Morty" confirms one of the most surreal cartoons ever.


American Dad! S03E01 “The Vacation Goo”


Francine discovers that all her memories of vacations spent are just a "fake" created by the CIA. Enraged, the woman asks Stan to take her on a real vacation. During the long-awaited cruise, within Francine comes the doubt that this time it is again an illusion, so she throws herself into the sea and ends up with the rest of the family on a desert island. Here begins a new series of misadventures and the Smiths become the prey of a perverse hunting for sport. Scared? Perhaps you will be a little, but mainly it is all a load of laughs.