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The Museum of Pizza opens in New York

Discover its hot campaign

 The Museum of Pizza opens in New York Discover its hot campaign

From October 13 to 28 in a "secret location" in New York opens the MoPi - Museum of Pizza, a multi-sensory temporary museum designed for a generation of digital experts and Instagram addicted to hunt for the perfect selfie.

The project, developed by the design studio Nameless Network of Brooklyn, includes a pizza beach, a grotto for pizza and several places of fun to pose and celebrate the popular food of Italian origin. All accessible with a ticket equal to $ 35, a figure that also includes a slice of pizza.

"All art starts from restless dreams, and the Pizza Museum is no different" - the words of the Nameless Network creatives explain - "Pizza’s f***ing amazing. Always has been, always will be. But it’s also more than a tasty epiphany of cheese, dough and sauce: it’s a uniter, a universal language, a cultural exclamation point... It is a cultural phenomenon that transcends geography and language. With the Museum of Pizza we are joining our passion for storytelling and pop culture to feed discoveries, friendship, art, music and selfie. A lot of selfie. So we created this museum, a place in which to capture timeless memories, a space to bask in the multi-sensorial and psychedelic joy of pizza".

In short, after the space dedicated to ice cream, eggs, sweets and even avocado, comes yet another Disneyland of the art world. Always that of art we can speak.

The "insiders" have understood that exhibitions like these or like Yayoi Kusama, Murakami, Höller, Hirst (that really combine form and substance) are catalysts of public, hype and collections just for their being "instagramable".

Perhaps, however, at least in the case of pizza, the New York operation (which the Americans know how to make a good pizza?), Although destined to be successful, is useless because, as many have pointed out, the museums of this beloved food already exist and are called pizzerias. Enter the hashtag #foodporn and you will have proof.

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