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nss discovers

How be a star in 15 simple seconds

nss discovers How be a star in 15 simple seconds

How be a star in 15 seconds.

It's simple, three ingredients are enough: passion for music, creativity and an app. We are talking about, a new frontier in social networks, able to blend simplicity and fun in a click, all with the sound of your favorite music. The key to success was to immediately focus on the new generations, offering them simply what they would never get tired of, designing a simple format to use and a classic interface, but with appealing colors.

With more than 200 million users (including famous stars such as: Lil Pump, Ariana Grande and French Montana), faces the future, preserving the basic innovative idea, that is improvised video singing, but innovating more and more thanks to its integration of filters and new options.

nss has launched on this new platform, curious to take part and creating a special format that connects our audience to that of Through interactive interviews held by Youssef Giga, users of the application can ask questions to the special guests, who will then be the star of a special video on the nss page.

Discover with us the app of the moment!