Banksy’s identity is one of the great mysteries of contemporary art and the hypotheses about who may actually be the mysterious street artist are wasted.

According to some his real name would be Robin Banks, a working-class man and former butcher, while for a research conducted by the Mail on Sunday in 2008, confirmed by scholars at Queen Mary University in London, who used the technologies used by the police to search for the criminals, the artist would be a certain Robin Gunningham.

Lately, however, they began to be insistent rumors that behind the famous graffiti hides Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack. The journalist Craig Williams, in fact, had conducted a survey in the Daily Mail in which he put in parallel the work of Banksy with the trip hop band dates or DJ set by Del Naja in the city where graffiti had appeared that gave as a result that Banksy would actually be a collective led by Del Naja.

Too bad that the musician is quick to refute that hypothesis.

But now supporting this thesis there is also the drum and bass guru Goldie.

In a radio interview, while he was talking about the commodification of Banksy’s art, the British electronics icon let slip a gaffe saying

"(...) no disrespect to Robert, I think he is a brilliant artist".

All hell broke loose!

Robert who? Obviously Del Naja! Why? It’s from Bristol, like Banksy; has

#1 He’s from Bristol, like Banksy; has

#2 He has a past (and perhaps a present) as a street artist; as early as the eighties Del Naja, aka3D, was passionate about graffiti and how Goldie hung around the street art world.

#3 as early as the eighties Del Naja, aka3D, was passionate about graffiti and, just like Goldie, he used to hang around the street-art world.

Are you convinced?