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Netflix: the secret code list to unlock contents

A little smart guide of tricks to better exploit our beloved platform

Netflix: the secret code list to unlock contents A little smart guide of tricks to better exploit our beloved platform

Ok. Don't worry.
We can all admit it: since Netflix has landed in Italy we all become addicted.

We cannot live without knowing if Eleven will return from upside-down, if the story of Praerie is true or invented, how the love story between Gus and Mickey will evolve, who is the father of Rory's child or when Luke Cage will go out of jail. If you are such the kind of person who spend entire weekends bingewatching TV series or you cannot wait your love to watch the last episode of your favorite show committing ìcheatingî ... then we have a tip for you.

Or better, Netflix itself reveals a little trick to expand your possibilities for viewing, orienting the offer available. The company founded by Reed Hastings organizes your library based on user views. Titles and categories that are proposed are based on user preferences, excluding a priori the rest of the programs, so, if we see 20 episodes of Supernatural automatically we will suggest similar products, however, we are limiting our choices.

To overcome this problem and obtain the entire library here is what you can do:

- check out the website What's on Netflix and you'll find a list of all the ID codes used by the platform to catalog movies and TV series - of which you can find a list at the end of this article.

You can unlock the entire global catalog service using Smartflix.

- access to Netflix from your browser by copying and pasting this link:

- after you log enter one of the codes in place of XXX at the end of the link and you will have a complete library divided by genre.

For example, if you want to surf in the category Romantic Comedies (ID 5475), you have to write in the browser's address bar

Ready for a new Netflix marathon?

Here are some codes to get it started.

Asian Action Movies (77232), 

Spy Action & Adventure (10702), 

Adult Animation (11881), 

Anime Sci-Fi (2729), 

Biographical Documentaries (3652), 

Baseball Movies (12339), 

Classic Comedies (31694), 

Classic Westerns (47465), 

Classic War Movies (48744), 

Romantic Comedies (5475), 

B-Horror Movies (8195), 

Cult Comedies (9434), 

Crime Documentaries (9875), 

Tearjerkers (6384), 

Courtroom Dramas (528582748), 

Political Dramas (6616), 

Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485), 

French Movies (58807), 

British Movies (10757), 

Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646), 

Zombie Horror Movies (75405), 

Sci-Fi Adventure (6926), 

Soccer Movies (12549), 

British TV Shows (52117)

If you do not want to keep checking the list of codes you can download Netflix Categories - a easy to use free extension for Google Chrome browser with over 100 categories already stored - here