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Why Ke$ha has disappeared from the music scene

Fans are trying to help her

Why Ke$ha has disappeared from the music scene Fans are trying to help her

Now that we made you notice it, you have probably realized that it’s been a while since the last time you heard about Ke$ha. The American singer – launched in 2009 by her hit Tik Tok – is facing a difficult moment, caused by a series of misunderstandings with her music label.

In the October of the past year Ke$ha sued her producer, Dr Luke (the one who scouted and launched her at only 18, in 2005) accusing him of manipulation, psychological violence and also of having raped her after making her assume drugs.

Una foto pubblicata da Kesha (@iiswhoiis) in data:

Łukasz Sebastian Gottwald (that’s the full name of the indicted) answered with a condemnation for defamation, but he’s the one who has the whip hand: the popstar is still contractually bound to the producer and he and Sony have no intention to stop this contract. So Ke$ha can’t work on new music, can’t go on tour, can’t have sponsors. Basically, she can’t do anything without passing through her music label.

If on a bureaucratic level all this issue seems insurmountable, fans are trying to help the artist: a campaign has been launched on Twitter with the slogan #FreedomForKesha and allows, entering this website, to sign a petition to convince Sony to interrupt the contract with the singer to let her go back to her normal activity.

53.000 signatures have already been collected for the cause.