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There is a copy of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” for sale for $500,000

Making it special is Ye's most recent autograph

There is a copy of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” for sale for $500,000 Making it special is Ye's most recent autograph

In the past few hours, news has leaked regarding the auction of a signed copy of a vinyl of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for the sum of $500,000, a price certainly not seen every day in the buying and selling of memorabilia belonging to the music sphere. This is the latest item autographed by Kanye West, adorned with the inscription “F*ck adidas”. The vinyl was signed in February when Ye was in Paris with his wife Bianca Censori. As the two were preparing to leave the hotel by car, fans surrounding the vehicle began chanting the chorus “F*ck adidas” to show solidarity with West following his well-known dispute with the brand that chose to cut ties with Ye, accusing him of antisemitism. Ye didn't hesitate to step out of the vehicle to autograph the vinyl in a unique and irreverent way, as only he knows how.

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That My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the most influential albums of the last two decades is objective. It's equally objective that it was the defining work for Kanye West's music career: the album, at the time of its debut, allowed the public to finally recognize the artist's great ability to assemble teams composed of elite artists, from Bon Iver and Elton John to Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Pusha T, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi, and John Legend. Moreover, with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the public discovers another side of Kanye West's genius, namely his unique creative recording process. The realization of MBDTF follows the 2009 incident at the Video Music Awards with Taylor Swift, one of the moments when Ye had to find a way to respond to what happened, and he did so by returning to the stage with MBDTF. Ye moved to Honolulu where he hosted all the artists who would take part in the album, a sort of isolating retreat where artists played in their free time on the YMCA ecumenical association playground.

The sale of the autographed vinyl was announced by Moments in Time, the auction house specializing in managing autographs from all sectors and around the world. It will be possible to participate in the auction, starting June 19, on the Gotta Have Rock and Roll website.