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Hollywood's highest-paid actors of 2023

Forbes revealed the ten richest talents in cinema

Hollywood's highest-paid actors of 2023 Forbes revealed the ten richest talents in cinema

Forbes has recently published the list of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood for the past year, revealing all the changes that have shaken up the American cinema scene in 2023. The positioning of Adam Sandler at the top of the ranking with $73 million is particularly surprising. Sandler, an actor who has been a prominent figure throughout his career, has not been involved in some of the most famous franchises in recent years, such as the Marvel series or Barbie. Sandler claimed the title of the highest-paid actor in Hollywood in 2023 thanks to a fortunate combination of box office successes and lucrative contracts with some of the world's most popular streaming platforms. With the release of Murder Mystery 2 and his stand-up comedy tour on Netflix, 2023 was a golden year for the actor.

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With $59 million, Forbes ranks Margot Robbie in second place on the list of highest-paid actors, the lead actress and producer of Barbie. Having created a true cultural phenomenon alongside director Greta Gerwig, Robbie and her production company LuckyChap Entertainment (the same behind other successes like Saltburn, TonyaPromising Young Woman, and the series Maid), have observed a remarkable rise to success in 2023, clearly reflected in the revenue reported by the actress. Closing the podium is Tom Cruise, who accumulated $45 million thanks to the profits from Mission: Impossible and Top Gun: Maverick. The top 10 highest-paid actors in Hollywood are rounded out by some of the most established names of recent decades, once again demonstrating the cultural impact that these "A-listers" have on audiences as well as on casting decisions for major productions. Ryan Gosling and Matt Damon take the fourth and fifth spots with $43 million, followed by Jennifer Aniston at $42 million, Leonardo DiCaprio with $42 million, Jason Statham, Ben Affleck, and Denzel Washington.