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Top 5 moments of the Sanremo 2024 final

Even tonight, memes and emotion among the Festival audience

Top 5 moments of the Sanremo 2024 final Even tonight, memes and emotion among the Festival audience

A historic evening, in the annals of Sanremo, last night the Festival awarded a woman for the first time in 10 years. During a tumultuous evening, filled with tear-jerking moments and others rich in comedy, the competing singers managed to momentarily shed all tension and dove back into a fierce battle to bring home as many points as possible in the Fantasanremo. Emma was crowned by the conductor, Stash brought his own meme onto the stage: every participant, in one way or another, succumbed to the charm of Fantasanremo. The last Festival under the artistic direction of Amadeus and co-hosted by Fiorello, who last night entertained the Ariston audience with a series of monologues, Sanremo 2024 drew to a close just before 3 in the morning, with the image of the two presenters in a carriage, framed in a wreath of flowers. As every day, we've collected the top 5 moments of the last night of Sanremo. Here they are.

Televoting Goes Haywire

With 74.1% audience share, a percentage equivalent to a whopping 14 million viewers, the final of Sanremo 2024 came close to the record set by Pippo Baudo in 1994, when he, along with Anna Falchi and Claudia Koll, achieved 75%. Perhaps for this reason, last night the program that collects votes from the audience went haywire. An unprecedented influx of calls and messages clogged the systems of the event, and so this "small" technical problem led all the singers to explain to their followers on Instagram how to ensure they had voted. Everything was resolved after about an hour, but the Festival audience remained deeply 

Angelina Mango Wins

Every victory at Sanremo carries with it a baggage of criticism and accusations. Last night, despite the audience favorite Geolier having gathered 60% of the televotes, Amadeus and Fiorello announced Angelina Mango as the winner of the 74th edition of the Italian Song Festival. Some wondered how she managed to win, considering the difference in consensus, forgetting to observe the votes from the press and the radio. While, for the public, Mango received 16% of the votes, the other two juries (whose rankings accounted for two-thirds of the total) gave her 52.8%. Now the very young singer will have to prepare to sing at the Eurovision, from May 7th to 11th, in Malmö, Sweden.

Ghali Says "Stop the Genocide"

The song brought to the stage by Ghali at Sanremo, "Casa Mia", denounces war and bombings, but never, until last night, did the singer or others at the Festival go beyond saying "Ceasefire". Last night, the rapper exposed himself even more than before, directly declaring "Stop the genocide". Rai Play may have communicated that they will remove the part where it is said from the recorded broadcast, but X's feed was flooded with posts documenting it.  

Lazza Sings Cento Messaggi



One of the best surprises of the last night of Sanremo 2024 came thanks to Lazza, invited by Amadeus to sing his new single, "Cento Messaggi", on the Ariston stage. A candid song, which lays bare the rapper's soul in a bold way, Lazza's new song moved the audience, leaving everyone in awe. Amadeus recounted that if he had heard the song in time, he would have brought Lazza to Sanremo in this edition too, but the rapper explained that he cares too much about the song, and doesn't want to see it in competition. He would have won hands down any Festival with a piece like that, but perhaps singing as a guest is an even greater honor. 


Emma and Stash for Fantasanremo

Let's conclude this daily section with a fundamental memory of Sanremo 2024, the Fantasanremo. Many artists brought performers onto the stage for the Festival finale, from Mamhood with the dancers from "Tuta Gold" to Dargen D'Amico on "Onda Alta". Loredana Berté, who won the Mia Martini critics' award, appeared at the Ariston with a pin against violence towards women, while La Sad and Big Mama dedicated their performances to the misunderstood and the fight against discrimination of any kind. Undisputed queen Emma, who was crowned live by the conductor, while Stash, the vocalist of The Kolors, decided to bring the meme that made everyone on X laugh this week to television by printing it on his guitar.