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The 5 most unforgettable moments of the fourth night of Sanremo 2024

Yesterday we racked up iconic moments but there was no shortage of controversy

The 5 most unforgettable moments of the fourth night of Sanremo 2024 Yesterday we racked up iconic moments but there was no shortage of controversy

The evening of duets and covers at Sanremo is always one of the best, given that not only do the competing singers choose to sing great classics from the past, bringing some variety to the lyrics we hear these days, but also many past Sanremo winners or icons of Italian pop memory return, unleashing our nostalgia. That's what we felt seeing icons like Malika Ayane and Skin, Cocciante, Vecchioni - just to name a few - take the stage. In fact, all things considered, it's been quite a few years since we've seen such an overall beautiful evening at Sanremo. At the announcement of the winners, however, there was some controversy with protests from the audience at Geolier's victory, which brought back memories of other iconic moments in the festival's history, such as when the Ariston erupted for two minutes over Loredana Bertè's loss in 2019, and the incident in 2010 when the orchestra threw their sheet music on stage in protest of Malika Ayane's exclusion, leaving Antonella Clerici astonished. Nonetheless, in all its aspects, the fourth night of Sanremo will remain memorable, even in terms of audience share, and it was the perfect prologue to tonight's finale.

Here are the five most unforgettable moments:

1. Angelina Mango sings "La Rondine"

It can be said without particular fear that Angelina Mango is the heart of this edition, the contestant who receives standing ovations, the one who manages to unite audiences and especially different generations at a time when the fragmentation of audience tastes is reflected in the great variety of personalities and sounds featured this year. Mango's performance, however, firmly established that the young singer has an incredibly wide range, not only vocally but also emotionally, and it was one of the best covers in recent Sanremo history.

2. Fiorello dressed as Demo Morselli

Commenting later on his disguise, which brought much hilarity to Lorella Cuccarini's performance, Fiorello said he was inspired by various figures from 1980s music - but the most direct reference for that look was undoubtedly Demo Morselli, an iconic musician and TV personality from the '80s and '90s known for DomenicaIn and who is still active. The reference was so sudden and random that it couldn't help but make us laugh, and we'll remember it as one of the funniest moments of an otherwise quite serious evening.

3. The cameo of Peppe Vessicchio and Jalisse

The absence of Peppe Vessicchio, the historic orchestra conductor, and Jalisse from the Ariston stage has become a gag in recent years, the subject of endless memes. But yesterday, although they didn't precisely take the stage or perform, both Maestro Vessicchio and Jalisse appeared on the outer section of the stage, the Aristonello, for a moment that briefly turned the meme into reality.

4. The return of Gigi D’Agostino

An iconic moment for Italian Millennials everywhere, the return to the scene of the legendary DJ Gigi D'Agostino was a heartfelt moment for many, especially because it marked the end of a two-year hiatus that the author of L'Amour Tojours took to recover from an unspecified illness (some rumors speak of cancer) from which he now seems to have recovered. His return proved that nostalgia is never too much.

5. "I always stay in the area"

Sanremo wouldn't be Sanremo without audio problems. Yesterday, both Loredana Bertè and Il Tre experienced them. In both cases, when the performance was interrupted, Amadeus materialized on stage at the speed of light, saying at one point (and with an anxious tone of urgency): "I always stay in the area," certainly mindful of last year's trauma when, due to similar problems, Blanco destroyed the roses and caused chaos.