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The map of medieval Lucca arrives on Fortnite

An immersive steampunk reality is ready to welcome you thanks to Vodafone

The map of medieval Lucca arrives on Fortnite  An immersive steampunk reality is ready to welcome you thanks to Vodafone

Craftsmen's workshops, crossbowmen's tournaments and fights between armed men: thanks to Vodafone, it is finally possible to travel back in time, to the Middle Ages to be precise. Born from the collaboration between Vodafone and Fortnite, Home of the Unstoppable is the new immersive gaming experience that catapults players into a mediaeval Lucca with a steampunk ambience, where they confront the eternal battle between good and evil, between "survivor" and "hunter". On 28 October, the new map will be presented for the first time at Lucca Comics for all fans of the genre. There it will also be possible to meet Giorgio Calandrelli aka Pow3r, one of the most followed and popular gamers in the Italian scene with a community of over 2 million followers on Twitch. Pow3r will be playing with fans at the Vodafone stand in Piazza San Michele. The access code to the map is available on nss magazine: 9223-7844-5924.

In each round of the game, each player is randomly assigned the role of survivor or hunter. At the start, each player is catapulted into the Vodafone Stand, a kind of headquarters where players find the first of the branded charging stations, which they must repair in order to win. The goal of the unarmed survivors is to repair all the charging stations on the map of mediaeval Lucca, while the hunters, armed to the teeth, must stop them. Both factions can only triumph by working together, a manifestation of the Vodafone slogan 'Together we can' under the banner of teamwork. The charging stations also give the survivors a temporary speed boost, a symbol of the power of the Vodafone 5G network. Because as well as dodging the hunters' blows and repairing all the charging stations, the survivors have to keep an eye on their life bar, which is inexorably emptying, and recharge at the charging stations from time to time.

Vodafone's relationship with the gaming world has strengthened since campaigns such as Unlock the Room, Game Now, Together we play. According to a new report by PwC, the games industry will continue its rapid growth and could be worth $321 billion by 2026. Millions of new gamers bought COVID-19 games and consoles during the lockdown and some said gaming during the lockdown helped their mental health. Now the brand is ready to take the next step and get fully into Fortnite thanks to Home of the Unstoppable.

The code to play Home of the Unstoppable is 9223-7844-5924.