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Nike Silver are coming back

The sneaker that marked the underground scene of the 2000s

Nike Silver are coming back  The sneaker that marked the underground scene of the 2000s

From time to time Nike decides it's time to bring the sneaker back into the spotlight, and 2022 has been designated as the next stage for a big comeback, that of the Nike Silver Bullet. It was in the fall of 1997 that Nike released the Air Max 97, the iconic silver reflective shoe created by a young designer struggling with soccer footwear design. The success of the Air Max 97 was worldwide - the model recorded high sales numbers worldwide but did not reach the hype of previous models such as the Air Max 90, BW Classic, and 95 - but it had particular relevance on the Italian scene. Here the shoe became emblematic of the underground scene that, even before it was discovered by Milanese fashion, spread to every city, province, and demographic in the country. 

Twenty-five years after the launch of the Air Max 97 silhouette and amid the Y2K throwback turmoil, it is almost natural to think of the model being brought back to the forefront in one of its most iconic colorways, the Silver Bullet. The last release was in 2017, but Nike has just announced that a 2022 version will soon become available. The metallic silver tracking and tracing of the wavy lines-the inspiration are Japanese-the hints of black placed on the tongue and inner linings, and the red sprouting from the logo that ends up echoing the white of the midsole - all herald the return of a sneaker that is ready to make waves again. If a good portion of Millennials has owned a pair as a reminder of some sort of rite of passage, it is widely expected that it could also take on the connotations of a street style trend for Gen Z. According to early rumors, the shoes are expected to launch on Nov. 11 for $180, although Nike and other retailers have yet to confirm the news.