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The 10 best moments

CoSTUME NATIONAL The 10 best moments

Milan, March 15, 2016. Ennio Capasa, co-founder and creative director of Costume National, and Carlo Capasa, CEO of the brand, leave the company they founded in 1986 to a Japanese company called Sequede.

It's the end of a chapter, 30 years of street couture, sexy black dresses with a minimal design. As the two brothers resign "to tell a new story and revitalise their vision", nss retraces the 10 best moments in the history of the brand - among big achievements, special projects, fashion shows and advertising campaigns.


#1 Call it Costume National - 1986. Ennio Capasa founds Costume National. The name of the brand comes from an old French book about military uniforms he received from his brother, Carlo.

#2 Street Couture - "It has inspired and revolutionised the fashion of the '90s as much as Giorgio Armani in the '80s", Ennio Capasa according to the New York Times.

#3 Heaven by Marina Abramović - The famous artist creates Heaven, a video performance about the concept of awareness, in which the Pre-fall 2015 collection of the brand is launched. Among the audience Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, James Franco and Joaquin Phoenix.

#4 SS08 vs MySpace - For the SS08 collection C'N'C chooses its models through its MySpace page. More than 300 people participate.

#5 Toilet Paper for Costume National - September 2012. renovates itself. Numerous artists become guest contributors and collaborate with pictures, videos and texts coordinated by Toilet Paper, the magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

#6 On streaming - In 2000 the men's collection is broadcasted live on Kataweb.

#7 Photoyourself - Yuri Pleskun and Hai­ley Gates become narcissist for C’N’C FW12 campaign.

#8 Eequal - Ennio Capasa collaborates with Italian brand Oviesse for a project dedicated to democratic fashion.

#9 Costume National presents the Solar bag - In 2009 Ennio Capasa creates a bag with solar panels which recharge an interior battery able to produce energy for mobile phones and iPods. It's not the first eco-friendly project of the brand: in 2008 they designed a t-shirt in limited edition against climate change.

#10 Hollywood loves the Capasa brothers - With its rock and essential style, Costume National conquered many stars. Among them Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, Vincent Gallo, Zoe Kravitz and Michael Pitt.