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It girl travel diary #1 - Chiara Capitani

from New York to Miami

It girl travel diary #1 - Chiara Capitani from New York to Miami

Today we left the pen to Chiara Capitani, the first protagonist of our series of travel diaries written by our favourite Italian it girls.

Here she tells us about her trip to the States in a mix of emotions and souvenirs, that we resumed in 35 points dense of unforgettable images.


It is hard to sum up a trip, from the shortest to the longest one. In this case, the days were 28. Sometimes a couple of hours are more adventurous than many years and a short distance can be more surprising than a long crossing. What I know for sure is that I won’t be able to convey in these lines the rainbow of emotions I felt, so I’ll just try to sum up the trip in chronological order".


1. Took a sedative in the road Rome-Boston

2. Walked around Harvard University faking I was a brilliant student

3. Ate lobster rolls at Beacon Hill

4. Visited with no expectation Little Italy (changing my mind about it)

5. Held my breath while watching NY skyline

6. Met Gilda (Ambrosio) at Bryant Park

7. Went shopping at Orchard and Rivington Drives

8. Found new vintage shops in Brooklyn

9. Ate the best burger of my life in a lost place in Pennsylvania

10. Befriended Bryan, a taxi driver from Philadelphia

11. Risked to fall to take a photo under the writing Love Park

12. Imitated Rocky to run the stairs of the Museum of Art

13. Supported Baltimore Ravens

14. Celebrated along with their cheerleaders and drank beer with their rivals

15. Risked an intoxication after having the worst aglio ed olio pasta at Sabatino’s

16. Heard Obama screaming during a basketball match outside the White House

17. Made promises (that I wish I’ll keep) to Lincoln

18. Crashed a university party at Chapel Hill finding out their glasses are actually red

19. Bought every kind of sweets at the service stations that I didn’t know existed

20. Lost to the bowling in Jacksonwille for only two points

21. Believed that three guys were going to kill us outside an isolated restaurant

22. Danced and singed in the car to impede Luca to fall asleep after 8 hours driving

23. Cried and laughed for the horror motel in Orlando

24. Got crazy for the pink beach umbrellas in Miami

25. Found my favourite restaurant in Wynwood falling in love with the art on the walls

26. Opened my eyes on the plane for Exuma watching the island from above

27. Believed I could become blind after seeing that blue so intense

28. Was so happy to swim next to a dolphin

29. Run after my sister when an iguana was running after her

30. Pushed Patrizio in the water with the sharks

31. Met two Italian travellers

32. Have been scared of the hurricane Erika

33. Touched 13 states, took 4 planes and slept in 9 hotels

34. Ate 6 hamburgers and countless French fries

35. Lost a hat and a lot of rest


I would do everything again. It’s been a wonderful month, a cherished trip that will become for the four of us more and more beautiful with the passing of time, while watching the photos we took together.

What I like about leaving is also the feeling of coming back and finding again the same old friends to share those experiences with".