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The best 5 Sneakerheads From '90s Sitcoms

Give Me Five

The best 5 Sneakerheads From '90s Sitcoms Give Me Five

90's are probably the best decade for sneaker culture. It's a very prosperous period in which lots of sneakers were producted and from which the contemporary sneakers are based on. 

But if you thought you were good sneakerheads, you have to deal with the true sneakerheads of the past. We're talking about the main protagonists of our 90's favourite sitcoms and about their incredible sneakers collection.

Here you are the best 5 sneakerheads from 90's sitcoms.


Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Max 180, Jordan V “Grape”, Jordan 11 “Columbia”


Show: Seinfeld

Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Trainer SC High, Nike ACG Air Mowabb, Jordan 6, Nike Air Huarache, Nike Air Tech Challenge 3/4


Show: Boy Meets World

Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan 8 “Bugs”, Jordan 9 ‘Olive’


Show: Family Matters

Sneaker(s) Worn: Jordan 3 ‘Fire Red’, Nike SC Trainer, Jordan 6


Show: The Simpsons

Sneaker(s) Worn: Nike Air Assassins (Fictional)

and fortunately ... because the call to the 90s is still present, you can find many of these models in store and online from One Block Down.



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