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nssFactory for Philipp Plein

Inside the Milan Fashion Week

nssFactory for Philipp Plein Inside the Milan Fashion Week

Since 1998 Philipp Plein has established itself on the market describing a strong woman, determinated and feminine.

Uniqueness, passion and exclusivity are the principles used to create an attractive product to the world market. Showcase of all the efforts to shape dreams wearable is the parade. On September 21, in Milan, it was time to Plein. From here did the collaboration with nss factory, workshop graphical nss Magazine.

The construction of a fashion show is a creative synergy.

The designer gives the raw material from its collection , a mood and gives a direction to follow. Then location, set design and music do the rest.

The work of the factory was treating the creation of the video shown during the parade. The setting was one of the Teatro Alcione in Piazza Vetra, in the hall already a taste of the visual experience: a hologram of animals in motion would welcome. After two short tunnels you walked into the arena where a tower of almost 5 meters LED acted as the watershed of the walkway. The background of the scene was one of seven meters LED screen for thirty, geometric images integrated with the silhouette of the models. A succession of visions swing black and white accompanied by the music of Iggy Azalea. The feeling of being immersed in a visual experience was all-encompassing, the viewer became one with the creations. Images and music.

The Australian rapper was the diva of the evening, enchanted the audience during the show with his best-known hit. An overwhelming personality , musical transposition of the mood of Philipp Plein.

At the end of the fashion show venue was the scene after party. The video of nss factory has whirled on the screens until late at night accompanied by the performance of Iggy and Marcelo Burlon .

A great team of professionals to honor the creative genius of Plein .