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Massimo Osti Studio and Leatherman reinvent utility

Functional exploration at the heart of versatility

Massimo Osti Studio and Leatherman reinvent utility Functional exploration at the heart of versatility

In the world of fashion, few have managed to capture the essence of innovation like Massimo Osti. Since his beginnings with C.P. Company and Stone Island, Osti has continuously pushed the boundaries of textile design. Today, his legacy continues through Massimo Osti Studio, a brand that, under the direction of his son, Lorenzo Osti, continues to defy conventions and reinvent garment functionality. The launch of Massimo Osti Studio at the Paris Fashion Week in January 2024 marks a new era for the brand, where each collection, or “chapter”, explores a unique theme or material. Today, May 30, 2024, it returns with its fourth chapter, titled “Exploration of Utility”, a brilliant collaboration with Leatherman, known for its high-quality versatile tools.

Massimo Osti was much more than a fashion designer; he was a pioneer whose work combined elements of industrial design and textile research. His innovative approach transformed industrial materials into functional and aesthetic clothing pieces. This collaboration symbolizes a perfect fusion between fashion and industrial functionality. The flagship product of this chapter is an expandable modular vest, made from recycled polyester yarns and hydrophobic microfibers. The front panels in PVC, welded by ultrasound, and the removable padding in graphene illustrate technical innovation and a commitment to sustainability. To crown this collaboration, the vest is accompanied by Leatherman's signature ARC® tool, redesigned with a custom logo. This tool embodies the essence of versatility and practical utility, values dear to Massimo Osti Studio. By combining Leatherman's technical expertise with the avant-garde fashion vision, this collaboration sets new standards for multifunctional clothing.

The fourth chapter of Massimo Osti Studio is a vibrant testament to the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of functional design. By collaborating with Leatherman, they demonstrate that true innovation is born from the fusion of disciplines. This chapter marks a new beginning where fashion is designed not only to be worn but also to be used in a practical and elegant manner in everyday life.