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What will be the trends for 2024 according to Pinterest?

We will wear bows, dress like hippies, and cook carbonara ramen

What will be the trends for 2024 according to Pinterest? We will wear bows, dress like hippies, and cook carbonara ramen

Pinterest is a daily activity for many. The platform allows users to discover millions of references and create boards to save their "inspo." It is the favorite for those who thrive on fashion and are dedicated to researching future trends. In fact, 482 million people use Pinterest to plan their lives, find out what to cook for a dinner with friends, or how to decorate a new home. This year, Pinterest has released Pinterest Predicts, a report on future trends that, with all likelihood and solid data support, may come to fruition. These are unique insights that offer a broad overview of consumer behavior, always keen on welcoming new trends into their lives. Pinterest Insights is not limited to one sector: it explores new trends in music, fashion, food, and much more. Let's discover them together.

Blue Color, Hippie, and Jazz-Core

@anja.bubs I wanna be a classy girl who listens to jazz Gregory’s Jazz Club Rome #nightaesthetic #nightlife #roma #jazzyvibes #jazzgirl #jazzaesthetic original sound -

Thanks to Valentino and Pierpaolo Piccioli, as well as Sabato De Sarno and Gucci, we have learned even more over the past two years about how colors can dominate the runways - and everyday outfits. After Valentino Pink PP and Gucci's Rosso Ancora, various shades of blue could be the trend in 2024, according to Pinterest. However, the color will mainly prevail in the makeup and cosmetics sector. This is justified by web searches, with searches for "blue aesthetic eyeshadow" up by 65% and "fun blue nails" up by 260%. The 1970s style is set to return: flowers, geometric patterns, and vibrant colors. Searches for "hippie wedding" are up by 170%, "70s bride" by 50%, and "vintage-themed wedding" by 80%. So, if you have wedding invitations in the coming months, you can get ahead by drawing inspiration from a retro style. Meanwhile, the influence of the listening bar trend might have driven the increase in searches for keywords like "jazz aesthetic clothing" (+180%), "jazz bar outfit" (+75%), "jazz funk" (+75%), "jazz piano" (+105%), and "jazz club outfit" (+65%). Jazz, in its many facets, will be the dominant music genre in the coming months, possibly marking a shift for young people, who will prefer the warmth and cozy atmosphere of a jazz club over the chaos of a nightclub.

@archivelanadelrey lana del rey for SKIMS #lanadelrey #foryou Let The Light In - Lana Del Rey

The fashion novelties will not be limited to these three trends. An unexpected mania for bows will also emerge, fueling the already established coquette style seen both on the 2024 runway and in major editorials, like the one featuring Lana Del Rey for Skims. Searches for "bow outfit" have more than doubled, "bow necklace" searches increased by 180%, and "bow aesthetic" rose by 55%. However, the most ambiguous new trends will be those that sweep the food sector. Those who follow a wisely balanced diet might be dismayed, but dishes like pizza pot pie, candy skewers, carbonara ramen (searches up by 165%), and quesadilla burger will appear more frequently on the table. The remaining months of 2024 will hold many surprises, if we can call them that.