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The 10 most fashion influential TV series characters

Pinterest and Lyst made a list of the TV series characters that inspired our online shopping in 2019

The 10 most fashion influential TV series characters Pinterest and Lyst made a list of the TV series characters that inspired our online shopping in 2019

nss had already anticipated this some time ago: TV series are the new frontier of fashion. Pinterest and Lyst confirm this now. The two platforms, in fact, have analyzed the behavior of their users from January to July 2019 and, by combining research, "pins" and online shopping, have identified the ten most fashionably influential characters in 2019 TV series. If it's easy to guess the well deserved top three positions, the following ones are a bit surprising.


1. Villanelle - Killing Eve

Villanelle, from Killing Eve, takes the first position. In just two seasons, the killer played by Jodie Comer won everyone over with her bold looks, from the now-iconic pink tulle dress created by Molly Goddard to Rosie Assoulin's "bubble" satin blouse shown off in the new episodes, an item that registered a 49% increase in popularity on Lyst. And what about the children's pajamas with comics graphics that Villanelle wears to escape from the hospital in the first minutes of season 2? The show's most bizarre garment prompted over 3,000 people to search online for "Killing Eve pajamas".


2. Sabrina Spellman - The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Darker. More engaging. And cooler. Among all the reboots of 90s TV series that have characterized the last few months, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is definitely one of the most successful projects. Also from a fashion point of view. So, with the approach of autumn, the research on Pinterest of Sabrina Spellman's preppy outfits increased by 7,450% and after the arrival of the new episodes on Netflix, the demand for ribbed sweaters on Lyst grew by 49%, the demand for Fair Isle sweaters by 30% and the research of Scottish skirts inspired by Sabrina's look reached peaks of growth of 35%. A definitely magical effect!


3. Renata Klein - Big Little Lies

Renata Klein, super glamorous wearing the ruby red Zodiac gown by designer Roland Mouret, is certainly one of the most fashionable images of the second season of Big Little Lies and it's not surprising, therefore, that the research of this item has spiked to 87% on Lyst after its appearance on the screen. Renata's businesswoman wardrobe is perfect to copy even now that the summer is ending and people are going back at work. To find the right inspiration you could do like many other users who saved the garments and accessories that appeared in Big Little Lies, recording a 490% increase on an annual basis.


4. Jane Villanueva - Jane the Virgin 

This year, the satirical soap opera has reached its final season, multiplying by 85% on an annual basis the research of Jane's looks on Pinterest and exceeding the 7,000 views in two weeks on Lyst of Zimmermann's Heathers dress shown by the protagonist.  


5. Tan France - Queer Eye

Another reboot produced and distributed by Netflix. Among the Fab Five, the look of Tan France and his love for fancy and striped shirts have also infected the style of many other men who, imitating him, especially at the release of the fourth season of the series in March when in the first two weeks of that month on Lyst over 100 users specifically requested a "Tan shirt".


6. Veronica Lodge - Riverdale 

Riverdale is probably the TV series that has taken up the teen fashion legacy of The OC and Gossip Girl, so much so as to inspire the birth of blogs and Instagram pages where the protagonists are the outfits worn by the cast. Veronica is undoubtedly the queen of style, with clothes such as Topshop check coat, worn in the third season, Ba&sh dresses and Alice+Olivia Tanner dress that have strongly influenced research on Lyst.


7. Fleabag - Fleabag

Following Killing Eve's Villanelle, in the ranking of the most influential TV series characters in fashion, there is another one created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge: Fleabag. For example, the elegant black suit with an open back worn in the two premieres of the season had a 460% increase in research on Pinterest in June and over 500 people specifically typed "Fleabag suit" on Lyst.


8. Eric Effiong - Sex Education

Eric's purple neon Nike PG 2 increased the search for these sneakers by 14% between January and March, the search for tracksuits by 22% and the search for tiger print jerseys by 40%. 


9. Zoey Johnson - Grown-ish

Grown-ish's Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi, is one of the most elegant students ever seen on TV, although many have compared her to the character of Denise Huxtable aka Lisa Bonet in A different world, a spin-off of The Cosby Show. With the second season, the research on Pinterest for Zoey's outfits increased by 28% and on Lyst, Zadig & Voltaire's Lilo Striped Cat jersey, worn by the protagonist, became the most popular animal print jersey of June, while the views of Diane von Furstenberg's leopard print blouse splashed with a 15% increase after its appearance in the series, while Topshop polka dot dungarees were the most sought-after garment of its kind on Lyst during the month of July.


10. Ava Jalali - Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

Ava is one of the last characters to have been awarded with the status of fashion influencer. The key moment? When the search for her velvet dress with ruffles reached an increase of 37% during the week of her airing of the episode in which she wore it. Excellent results also for her Kelly poncho by L'Agence which recorded an increase in demand for this type of garment of 44% on an annual basis in April.


Bonus: Eleven - Stranger Things

Stranger Things is perhaps the most popular series of recent years. Also thanks to its 80's looks. Bowling shirts, prints at will, dungarees, and scrunchies are the ingredients of Eleven's wardrobe in Season 3 and, to imitate it, the girls have increased by 57% on Lyst the search for rompers and over 1,000 users have specifically searched for "Eleven shirt".