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Dior has cancelled his Hong Kong show

Any troubles in paradise?

Dior has cancelled his Hong Kong show Any troubles in paradise?

The show that Dior was supposed to organize on March 23rd at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong, has been indefinitely postponed (read: canceled) for commercial reasons, according to the South China Morning Post. The event, which was expected to have the usual grand setup of Dior's destination shows, was likely canceled due to the economic uncertainties in China, a key market for luxury brands. With challenges in maintaining growth rates and fluctuations in global demand, along with turmoil in the real estate market and a 5% decline in Chinese exports in 2023, the brand's management deemed it prudent to delay the event, which was expected to cost around HK$100 million, equivalent to just over 12 million US dollars.

For the event, approximately a thousand visitors were originally expected, including VIPs from abroad. Hong Kong's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, had previously promoted Dior's runway show as one of the city's 80 mega events for the first half of the year, aiming to enhance the city's international image and bring joy to both residents and tourists. Although the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau acknowledged the postponement, emphasizing that such delays are not uncommon, the main reason cited for the decision was commercial.

The postponement of the event reflects the cautious approach adopted by luxury brands amid economic uncertainties in its primary global market, as well as highlighting the delicate balance that brands must find in navigating economic uncertainties while maintaining their presence in key markets.