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The 5 best moments of the second night of Sanremo

We've included the Ballo del Qua Qua, but it was not exactly one of the best moments of Italian TV

The 5 best moments of the second night of Sanremo  We've included the Ballo del Qua Qua, but it was not exactly one of the best moments of Italian TV

Here we go again, even this year Sanremo has brought embarrassing scenes to the stage that will remain etched in the minds of Italians (and John Travolta) for the rest of the Festival's history. Fortunately, to lift the fortunes of the second night of the 74th edition, the looks of the competing singers, this year co-hosts along with Giorgia, took care of it. Let's review together the highlights of last night, including when, to everyone's amazement, the protagonist of Grease started dancing the Ballo del Qua Qua.


The return of Giovanni Allevi

Every year, illustrious figures who have left an indelible mark on the world are invited to the Ariston stage. One of the most emotional moments of the second night of Sanremo 2024 was when, for the first time facing a piano after two years of illness, Maestro Giovanni Allevi returned to the stage. Before performing, Allevi brought a reflection on his illness, multiple myeloma, to the stage to spark a debate on the importance of gratitude. Needless to say, both his entrance and his performance were greeted by very long standing ovations, proof of the maestro's impact on the hearts of the entire Sanremo audience.


The "qua qua" dance with John Travolta

After Giovanni Allevi, the Festival turned into a “Romagnola dance hall”, with a tribute to Romagna Mia, and then the presenters convinced John Travolta to take part in a rather shabby sketch. Introduced by Giorgia on the Ariston stage, the international guest, star of Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever, and Grease, entertained the audience by repeating his most famous dances with Amadeus, before ending up outside the theater dancing the Ballo del Qua Qua with Fiorello. Not only did immediate social outrage erupt among the Italian audience, but as reported by La Repubblica, Travolta refused to sign the release for the television republication of the video. Who knows what Russell Crowe is thinking right now, scheduled for tonight's lineup.


The surreal show of La Sad and Orietta Berti

The entire evening last night seemed like a hallucination. One of the duets that set the web on fire was that of the group La Sad, competing in the Festival, and Orietta Berti, they performed outside the Ariston theater to the tunes of “L’amore è come l’edera” and “Via dei Ciclamini”. Completely immersed in the role of a pop-punk diva and dressed in green animal print, Orietta Berti unleashed herself, leaving everyone speechless.

BigMama dedicates her performance to the queer community

Last night as well, one of the competing artists decided to use the Sanremo audience to share - with 10 million viewers - a political message. After singing and dancing “Anger is not enough,” an intoxicating dedication to haters, BigMama declared, “I dedicate my song to the entire queer community, love each other freely: you can do it,” a very simple phrase that encapsulates all the values the artist has always fought for.


Stash becomes a meme

Sanremo evening on the air, memes you find. It all started when, on X, a screenshot of the list of competing singers, translated into French by a news outlet, was posted. A user reposted a selfie of Stash, vocalist of The Kolors, with the addition of a French beret graphic, and from there an endless parade of memes began. From Stash dressed as Shrek to those of Geolier, another competing artist, posts poking fun at The Kolors' singer continue to be published even this morning. The meme that had this effect on the social audience during the opening night of the Festival was the glance between Mahmood and Marco Mengoni, who knows who will end up in the eye of the storm tonight.