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Milan to become a registered trademark

Just like Made in Italy

Milan to become a registered trademark Just like Made in Italy

With the abolition of the regulation that allowed brands to include the word Milano in their denomination, the city council of the city has made the name of the capital a trademark, following the same line as Made in Italy. A new regulation has been drafted - still pending approval by the council - consisting of nine articles, with the aim of protecting and promoting the city's image. The new proposal from the council will grant brands the use of the word "Milano" only by authorization, granted for a duration of ten years, renewable but regulated.

To use the denomination "Milano" on their products, brands will have to submit a request to the municipality and explain the reasons for their application. From now on, in order to use the name of the capital, it will be necessary to demonstrate that one's brand has a direct connection with Milan, produces in respect of the territory, and that the brand communicates a positive image of it. It will no longer be possible to place the name of the capital on pharmaceutical products, pornographic material, drugs, gambling, or weapons, but also on products with a violent, discriminatory, racist message, or harmful to the dignity of anyone. The authorization is valid for ten years, but its validity may be lessened in case of regulation infringement.