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Which fashion capital is the hardest-working one?

Spoiler: not the one you expect

Which fashion capital is the hardest-working one?  Spoiler: not the one you expect

New York City took the title of top fashion city in 2023, according to research conducted by experts at Lilac St. The study analyzed key fashion-related metrics, including number of fashion schools, number of total fashion shows, number of fashion-themed hashtags related to the specific city, and number of brands based in the said city. Each city was assigned a score for each of these factors, and the scores were then combined to determine the final ranking. With an impressive performance in a number of categories, New York emerged as the fashion capital where, between academies, events and fashion shows, the most work was done this year. The Big Apple topped the list with a wide variety of industry-related activities. The city is home to 19 fashion academies, 680 shows a year, including New York Fashion Week, and more than 22,000 brands. The city's streets are home to an astounding number of fashion brNDs, making it a haven for fashion enthusiasts and shoppers.

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In second place is London, which boasts 500 annual fashion shows and has established its reputation as a fashion capital. With 4.3 million fashion-related hashtags on Instagram, including popular tags such as #LondonFashionWeek and #Londononfashion, sixteen academies and more than 9,000 brands, London's influence on the global fashion scene is indisputable. Paris, often referred to as the fashion capital of the world, took third place in the ranking. The city's fashion brands, including iconic names such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, have a significant global presence and number more than 21,000 in total. The hashtag #ParisFashionWeek, used more than 4 million times, demonstrates the city's continued importance in the fashion world. Milan took fourth place thanks to its thriving fashion education sector, which includes an impressive 22 fashion schools, 40 fashion shows and more than 19,000 brands. These institutions play a crucial role in training new talent in the industry. Milan has also maintained its position through the use of popular hashtags on Instagram such as #Milanfashion and #MilanFashionWeek.

Dubai, ranked fifth, stands out for its exceptional presence on social media. The city leads in the number of fashion-focused Instagram hashtags, with a total of 6 million, and the hashtag #Dubaifashion alone has been used over 5 million times. This impressive online presence highlights Dubai's influence in the digital fashion world. Sydney, on the other hand, secured the sixth position, primarily due to the growth of fashion institutions, such as the University of Sydney, which received recognition in the 2023 World University Rankings. With these ever-evolving institutions and the production of talent in the industry, Sydney is becoming a global fashion destination. Seoul emerged as the seventh most fashionable city in the study. It has a growing fashion scene, with a notable number of fashion schools and brands. Although its fashion-related Instagram hashtags are not as numerous as in some other cities, the 800k hashtags demonstrate a vibrant fashion community.

Finally, Rome secured the eighth position thanks to its fashion schools, including the renowned Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche, where the famous designer Stefano Gabbana studied. The city's ancient fashion tradition continues to inspire and educate the next generation of designers. In the ninth position, Los Angeles showcases its talent in the fashion industry with the third-highest number of annual fashion shows. In particular, Los Angeles Fashion Week stands out as one of the most attended events in the city's fashion calendar. Closing out the top ten positions, Tokyo has made its mark with a significant number of fashion schools and brands. Additionally, it has garnered 760k mentions on Instagram through hashtags like #Tokyofashion and #TokyoFashionWeek, reaffirming its influence in the global fashion landscape.