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The Instagram account that lets you stoop abandoned furniture in Milan

Don't call it “AMSA-core”

The Instagram account that lets you stoop abandoned furniture in Milan Don't call it “AMSA-core”

Anyone who lives in Milan is accustomed to seeing on the streets, especially at night, piles of abandoned furniture outside doorways waiting for pickup by AMSA operators. Often it's cheap furniture, old bedside tables, plywood tables, mattresses teeming with who knows what vermin, battered chairs and so on - but sometimes there are also the occasional treasures: vintage leather armchairs, antique tables and chests, leather trunks, old but pristine foosball tables and so on. All these treasures (along with some less beautiful but definitely functional furniture for those looking to spend zero euros to furnish their homes) are punctually reported by the @stooping_milano page, which also collects ads from those who want to give away discarded furniture in good condition. 

The account was founded in October 2021 by two female students from Tuscany and has been growing exponentially along with its community. The first posts were about simple furniture of little value, such as Ikea's Billy bookcase, but as time progressed and its following expanded, vintage pieces such as velvet armchairs, mirrors, coffee tables, console tables, and so on made their appearance. The format of stooping, or salvaging abandoned furniture, had originated in New York, a city on whose streets high-value design pieces appear most frequently, and when the two girls created their page they were the first in Italy. However, the format was so successful that similar pages were also born in Florence and Naples, while here in Milan, last Sunday, the first Swap Party organized by the page was held, which, judging by the videos posted, was very successful.