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Which brands dominated social media during Milan Fashion Week

The battle of Instagram posts and TikTok videos in Milan Fashion Week

Which brands dominated social media during Milan Fashion Week  The battle of Instagram posts and TikTok videos in Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week closed on September 26, establishing itself as one of the most engaging cities during fashion month. Taking September 20-26, 2022 as the reference period, the Italian company Blogmeter analyzed the interactions recorded on the different social networks for a total number of 385 million. Instagram still qualifies as the most interesting reality in terms of social content production, collecting 62 percent of the entire media asset.

According to the ranking compiled by the integrated social intelligence platform, the five brands with the highest engagement were Versace, Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. First place belonged to Versace, with a total of 4.365 million interactions: the closing of the show featured Paris Hilton, not to mention the rest of the cast including Irina Shayk, Rianne Van Rompaey, Vittoria Ceretti and Emily Ratajkowski. In second place is Gucci, with nearly 3.016 million interactions. The strength of its communication strategy relied on a concept that played on the idea of duality, showcasing 68 pairs of homozygotic twins. Prada won the third position with more than 2 million interactions. During Milan Fashion Week, the brand was in fact honored at the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022, an event organized by the National Chamber for Italian Fashion in collaboration with EFI (Ethical Fashion Initiative) created to reward the companies that have distinguished themselves for their commitment to sustainability. In fourth place is Fendi with 1.901 million interactions and a high number of influencers and actresses including Chiara Ferragni and Miriam Leone. Finally, Dolce & Gabbana comes in fifth place with an engagement of 1.868 million interactions thanks to the participation of Kim Kardashian

Having ascertained the prominence and centrality of Instagram in the dissemination of content for fashion brands, TikTok also carved out its own space through the creation of fashion week-themed content. Boss garnered 51 percent of total interactions among different fashion houses on TikTok with 141 million interactions. The most successful brand content features a small dog walking around the streets of Milan in a brand dress. Continuing reading Blogmeter's report, it is also possible to compare with the most engaging influencers on TikTok for the same reporting period: Martina Strazzer, entrepreneur of the brand Amabile, collected 1.19 million interactions with an engagement rate of 457.40 percent. In contrast, Ludovica Ragazzo, influencer and content creator expert in fashion, received 443.21K interactions, with an engagement rate of 327.07%. Federica Scagnetti, a fashion and lifestyle content creator, collected more than 14.58M million interactions with an engagement rate of 528.20% from September 20 to 26. A video where she explains why she moved to Milan - only to realize its impact on the Chinese platform - garnered 116.3 thousand likes and more than 1 million interactions.