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The collaboration between Octopus and Staple

Between street culture, pigeons and tentacles

The collaboration between Octopus and Staple Between street culture, pigeons and tentacles

Octopus presents a capsule collection in collaboration with Staple, a brand founded in 1997 by Jeff Staple, a creative visionary and pioneer of American East Coast street culture. For the Summer 2022 collection, Octopus unveils a limited-edition collection that will be available July 14 exclusively at Spectrum in Milan and online at and,, while the U.S. release will be July 22 at staplepigeon. The collaboration fuses the iconic elements of both brands - the pigeon and tentacles-with screen prints, jacquard weaves, high - definition embroidery, and advanced garment-dyeing techniques. Each garment is numbered from 1 to 50 and comes with a "porte adresse" luggage tag-the reference is to the air miles separating Milan from New York.

Jeff Staple's story is that of a street culture pioneer: he started out screen-printing T-shirts in a semi-crafted manner at Parson's School of Design, then founded his Staple and Reed Space brand, one of the first independent streetwear stores. That same space would house one of the most important releases in sneaker history: the Nike SB Dunk "NYC Pigeon." Produced in only 150 examples, it helped pave the way for modern sneaker collecting, the obsession with collaborations, and even the very idea of hype that would become the basis for marketing over the next 25 years. Today as then, Staple creates authentically New York garments that are inextricably linked to the city. Exactly like the pigeon symbol. New York, for Jeff and many like him, means working hard to achieve one's dreams. That is why the image of the pigeon constitutes the icon that best represents this culture: apostrophized by many as ugly and dirty, but with an incredible survival instinct, he is able to conquer the city one block at a time.