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Slawn, the 24-year-old London artist who has already collaborated with Louis Vuitton

Who is this rising star of contemporary art, entrepreneur and family man?

Slawn, the 24-year-old London artist who has already collaborated with Louis Vuitton Who is this rising star of contemporary art, entrepreneur and family man?

Louis Vuitton has a long tradition of artistic collaborations, engaging iconic pop culture figures such as Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, and most recently Tyler the Creator. This time, the illustrious French fashion house has teamed up with the rising star of contemporary art, Slawn, to reinterpret the brand's classics. This collaboration, which no one would have suspected, has resulted in the creation of the exclusive "Stolen Bag" collection, a limited series of bags and small leather goods. Available for only 48 hours, each piece in this collection is meant to be a unique work of art, meticulously hand-painted by the artist himself. From Neverfull totes to cardholders and pouches, the items are distinguished not only by their bright and eye-catching colors but also by the fact that they are individually numbered and signed by Slawn, elevating them to the status of true collector's items. But who is this enigmatic artist and true Instagram phenomenon, gathering a community of fans and collectors across the worlds of art, fashion, and music?

Olaolu Akeredolu-Ale, known as Slawn, originally from Nigeria, took root in London six years ago, aspiring to nurture his artistic talent in the dynamic context of the British capital. This move from one continent to another provided the backdrop for his artistic development, blending his African roots with the multicultural pulses of London. In the bustling streets of Lagos, his adolescence was marked by the creation of Motherlan, a streetwear brand that quickly won the hearts of the local youth. From his early days with Motherlan, Slawn caught the attention of Virgil Abloh, then artistic director of Louis Vuitton Men. This support played a crucial role in Slawn's early recognition in the world of fashion and art. During the lockdown, he found a new artistic path and began to develop his unique style. An opportunity he seized with enthusiasm, allowing him to express himself through painting. This transition to this new medium marked the beginning of his rise in the art world.

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Rooted in the heart of London's creative landscape, he has since embarked on a wide range of projects. His distinctive artistic style is characterized by pop caricatures, bright colors, and sharp shapes. He skillfully uses acrylic and spray paint to create dynamic and expressive compositions with a strong visual identity and sometimes disturbing. In 2022, Slawn made a sensational entry into the art market with the successful sale of his painting "Bobo n Jarrad Go To Church" at Sotheby’s. A decisive moment that signaled the public's enthusiasm for his innovative and subversive work, echoing the works of Basquiat, Keith Haring, George Condo, and Kaws. The following year, he became the youngest artist to design the annual statue for the Brit Awards.

His collectors now include A$AP Rocky, designer Tremaine Emory, and Skepta, with whom he collaborated on a painting for Skepta's debut in the art world. But he doesn't just make waves in these fields; with his latest family project, he also seems to have mastered the art of living well. Together with his partner Tallula, they run the café and community space Beau-Beau’s, named after their son Beau. The place is open to all, offering various activities such as music or art clubs and discussions. As for Beau, at nearly two years old, he has already seen and experienced it all: starring in a Burberry campaign, appearing on stage with Central Cee at Glastonbury, walking for Mowalola, and playing alongside Frank Ocean. But for Slawn, it's not about glitz and glamour; it's just what he calls spending quality time surrounded by loved ones.