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The new "We Love Winter" campaign by Moncler

Ready to face the cold season?

The new We Love Winter campaign by Moncler Ready to face the cold season?

Moncler is a brand that has a special relationship with winter: from '52, the year of its foundation, and until today that it is widespread all over the world, Moncler's mission is to produce some of the most sought-after down jackets in the world, designed to allow anyone who wears them to appreciate the beauty of the snow-covered Alps. Just in celebration of this season that is about to begin, the brand's new FW21 global campaign shot by Chris Colls transforms the warmth of the Moncler down jacket, named We Love Winter, into a metaphor for human warmth and celebrates the cancellation of distances, the reunion with the people we love and the spirit of creativity and collaboration that has always been part of Moncler's DNA.

Moncler's We Love Winter campaign presents the brand's distinctive items in their classic colors and constructions, especially the coats and jackets with the famous Boudin quilt and is composed of real family portraits involving some of the most interesting names in the contemporary creative world: from Robin Wright and his daughter Dylan Penn to the singer French Lala & ace together with her mother Noëlle,  to the Japanese pilot and designer Mai Izukawa portrayed together with her two sons, the dancer French Mamadou Bathily and the models Mao Xiaoxing and Mika Schneider. All faces captured in intimate portraits, in an elegant black and white interrupted only by touches of the vivid red of the Moncler logo. The campaign photographer said:

«We wanted everyone to show their individuality in an environment that encouraged the talent to be as open and honest with each other as possible - especially as some of them had never been photographed together professionally before. It was a beautiful opportunity».

The new campaign campaign for the 'We Love Winter' Moncler Collection was presented in outdoor displays, on the pages of the best magazines and in all major social media. You too can become part of the brand's campaign and community by sharing your winter heat messages on social media with the hashtag #WeLoveWinter.