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Dolce & Gabbana sold 9 NFTs for 5,7 million dollars

All of them were part of the Genesi collection

Dolce & Gabbana sold 9 NFTs for 5,7 million dollars All of them were part of the Genesi collection

Dolce & Gabbana have presented in recent days the NFT collection named Genesi, created exclusively for UNXD inspired by the looks of the recent Alta Moda collection in Venice and composed of nine digital artworks that also had physical counterparts. Those who buy the NFT of one of the dresses, will also buy the royal dress and can go to the brand's Milanese atelier for a sartorial fitting within a year of purchase. All the items have already been sold for about 5,7 million dollars.

The collection consists of two women's dresses, a men's suit, three jackets and three crowns – purchased so far by four collectors who are currently known by their nicknames on the UNXD platform and are @adridadou, @pranksy, @purplesq and @fashi0nx. Within the day, the auction for the two remaining crowns will also stop and already has bids that are around $600,000. Buyers will also buy, together with the NFT, an invitation to all the Shows of Haute Couture, Haute Couture and High Jewelry of Dolce & Gabbana in Italy ranging from one to two years, visits to the atelier of the designers and their name within the exhibitions that the brand will make of the objects in its boutiques in Italy and in the world. Along with the physical dress, then, you will also buy the original preparatory sketches of the two designers. 

This collection represents the first of its kind in the field of luxury fashion and will probably have an important role in the future: that is, to have indicated a possible use of NFT for fashion brands, to which an experiential and physical side will be connected. To the experience of fitting the Haute Couture dress with the designers and the visit to the atelier, an experience that certainly every Haute Couture customer will live, there is in fact also the intangible added value of having one's name exhibited together with the works all over the world which, together with the entry into the NFT community of the brand, exploits digital artwork and collecting as a community bulding tool in the luxury market.