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The 6 street style trends seen at the last fashion weeks

Let's take note, people

The 6 street style trends seen at the last fashion weeks Let's take note, people

Often the street is a mirror of fashion more sincere than any catwalk. During the recent fashion weeks in London and Milan, buyers, press and fashion insiders of all kinds poured into the streets of the great fashion capitals wearing the best of their seasonal wardrobe. It was a unique opportunity to see how those who live it in first person interpret fashion - and the street style reports of nss magazine are an authentic treasure chest of inspirations, ideas and present and future trends

Analyzing these street styles, we can extrapolate some of the seasonal trends that will dominate fashion for the coming months – here are the main six.

1. Unconventional shoes

Heels with absurd geometries, mules, transparent wedges and mesh décolletés, leather clogs, furry sandals, glittery rubber boots, soft quilt boots and, especially here in Milan, a shower of textured Prada platform shoes. Never as in these last fashion weeks the classic shoes have remained anonymous and ordinary, in conjunction with a retrocession of sneakers in favor of leather and laceless silhouettes. Very noteworthy, especially after the lockdown, is the fact that the spread of slip-on shoes seems to be an evolution of the slippers that we have worn so much during 2020.

2. Bold eyewear

During the fashion week there were classic models, it is true, but in our reports a decidedly bold and showy eyewear abounded. It was not even a strong presence of logos: it is the frames that have become larger, more colorful, more sculptural. If it were legitimate to make assumptions, we would almost say that many of these models are direct heirs to the 70s glasses of our grandparents – and in part the thing is true. In fact there is a bit of nostalgia, especially with regard to the wrapping glasses, a bit fly-like from the early 2000s – but everything else is pure modernity.

3. Leather pants

Among all the thinkable items that could be recovered from the past, leather pants were really the most unexpected. You want for their texture alternative to the most classic fabrics, considered trivial; you want for their implicit expression of excess and sensuality; you want for their sparkle that stands out from afar even with a total black look – leather pants are back in a big way on the streets of London. In Italy we have seen some of them but we know that the fashion of the United Kingdom is the most progressive. And if it's not leather then it's latex – another confirmation of the great return of the early 2000s, Matrix and Ricky Martin included.

4. Modern suiting

The most purists will call them "spezzati", but we do not live in an age of purism. This year jackets and blazers have finally seen the sunlight again but no longer to play the role of indistinguishable uniforms of corporate life. Today the suits are genderless, oversized, colorful and composite – their old world charm becomes even greater when they are folded and lived, animated by the patina of time, worn together with hypermodern shoes or accessories. 

5. Earth tones

Thousands of colors have been seen, however, black and blue aside, the charm of earth tones always remains something special. The earth colors are both cozy, neutral enough to fit into any minimalist outfit but above all they represent an alternative to the cold blacks, blues and whites that are so often seen around. 

6. Vests, vests, vests

Wheter it was grandma's crochet or tactical vests, everything sleeveless has enjoyed immense success this season. Their success is due to their versatility, the possibility of being inserted in sophisticated layering without the risk of covering an entire outfit, of adding to an outfit without taking anything away. Not to mention the immense design heritage that the category brings together: from wool vests with a vintage flavor to the hyper-technical ones in nylon, from the preppy ones to the tactical ones that seem to have emerged from a military surplus.