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5 emerging European brands to keep an eye on

Names to remember

5 emerging European brands to keep an eye on Names to remember

The words heritage and tradition are the favourites of the big names in fashion, brands that sometimes boast over one century of history behind them, but it's often forgotten that novelty is the real engine of fashion. And while the big players of luxury strive to adapt to the times, the young fashion brands founded in recent years were born with the times, whether it's with attention to sustainability already embedded in their DNA or a particular eye towards diversity and multiculturalism. In an increasingly crowded and commercial luxury landscape, then, the young brand is a guarantee of authenticity, both from the creative point of view of design and that of the community. Then, focusing on the European area, the birth of young brands scattered between Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy gives the pulse in the direct grip of the latest directions of local creativity in its capitals.

For this reason, nss magazine wanted to list 5 young European brands to keep an eye on.

Sisyphe (@iamsisyphe)

A Hispanic brand, divided between Malaga and Madrid like its founder, Pablo López Torres, Sisyphe is a brand that, right from the beginning, threw fashion system's rules away and abandoned the classic seasonal model and presents its collections independently. The goal of the brand is to evoke an entire lifestyle, and to do so its vision embraces a transversal category that is relaxed but with edgy implications.  The substance, however, is there: for the SS21 collection, the hedonistic and cruel 90s world of Bret Easton Ellis novels provided inspiration for an incredible slouchy-chic aesthetic, complete with mohair cardigans and sweaters lagged with goth-punk revisions of icons of the Spanish imagination, complete checkered workwear and trousers covered with printed scorpions. 

vescovo (@vescovo.vescovo)

For a brand born in Milan in the storm of lockdown, last year, vescovo keeps a decidedly fresh and relaxed mood. Founded by a designer with an engineering background, Antonio Pondini, who designs and produces it in Italy, following a sustainable and genderless vocation, the brand is the interpreter of a very Milanese aesthetic: sartorial but with a streetwear fit, very soft and very clean. After presenting a first SS21 collection dominated by airy suiting, wide and rounded details and a pastel palette, the brand has produced a limited and essential capsule for the FW20 season that re-imagines with its style the great classics of the winter wardrobe with a pleasantly concrete attitude in the Milanese fashion scene. 

Filling Pieces (@fillingpieces)

This is perhaps the oldest of the brands on this list, as it was founded in 2009, but its debut in ready-to-wear took place only three years ago. Its creative director and founder, Guillaume Philibert, born in Amsterdam to a Suriname family and graduated in architecture, had in mind the idea of democratic luxury streetwear and began producing sneakers that achieved great success and then brought it to the apparel in 2018. His FW21 collection, entitled Garden of Eden, has debuted the new monogram of the brand, along with a series of varsity jackets, knitwear and leather accessories with a romantic mood in a earth-coloured palette and is perhaps the most successful and complete that Philibert has signed to date.

D.N.I. (@ dni_official)

Multiculturalism is a bit in the very soul of D.N.I. Founded in Paris by two Peruvian twins, Paulo and Roberto Ruiz Muñoz, the brand wants to bring together the chic catch of the capital French with the Andean aesthetic of their country of origin. It's no coincidence that their FW21 collection is called Mi bisabuelo era sastre, or "My grandfather was a tailor", and the lookbook is set in an imaginary atelier where tailoring becomes the channel through which the past manifests itself in the present. The collection is at once refined in detail, with for example alpaca sweaters made entirely by hand, and sincere in terms of storytelling, also thanks to a wonderful lookbook shot by Alexander Pérez-Flores.

Edoardo Gallorini (@edoardogallorini)

Edoardo Gallorini founded his brand in 2019 after studying fashion design in Venice and working for years in style offices, specializing in graphics and illustrations. His scope would actually be womenswear, and he's delightfully dramatic, although some of his garments are fully genderless. It's precisely with graphics and illustrations that his fame has made the quantum leap. His t-shirts decorated with writings such as The Erotic Bourgeois Bore and Magnificent Illusion that also decorate short-sleeved shirts have peeped around on Instagram and also in the audience of Milan Fashion Wee last year and are, in short, a small cult.