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Kiosq is the skate brand to keep an eye on

A clean and irreverent aesthetic that lives on T-shirts and corduroy caps

Kiosq is the skate brand to keep an eye on A clean and irreverent aesthetic that lives on T-shirts and corduroy caps

It has now become an organic and fluid combination the one between the fashion industry and skate culture. What started out as an independent subculture, over the last few years has stood out as one of the most influential and important voices when it comes to creating collections, trends and items. If on the one hand this aesthetic has been taken over and revisited by the biggest luxury houses, just think of Louis Vuitton's first skate sneaker designed with Lucien Clarke, on the other hand, it is often the very faces of this subculture to get on the catwalk, like Blondey McCoy or Evan Mock

Far from fashion shows and luxury events, however, skate culture remains a shelter for independent creativity, still capable of generating interesting and original projects. This is the case of Kiosq, a brand founded by three skaters who have spent most of their lives skating together. After having worked separately in both fashion and music, the three decided to lay the foundations of a brand that revolves around a single concept: skateboarding. But not only. In the unique project of the three creatives, originally from Germany, the brand proposes itself as a sort of creative hub able of bringing together different inspirations and disciplines, ranging from the world of music to design and art. 

In addition to the designed items, the aesthetics of the brand play a fundamental role. While maintaining the skate DNA, made of simple tees and logo caps, the label is enriched with a nostalgic, almost analogical, undoubtedly cool aura. Even before the products, what Kiosq intends to communicate is its own vision, its own way of living fashion and skate, always in a free and independent way. For this reason, the brand has decided not to bow to the rules of the market, which requires well-defined collections to be released in a pre-established time window, opting instead for several drops throughout the year. 
The capsule Bad Habits Good Days, the latest dropped by the brand, features 6-panel caps in corduroy, T-shirts bearing the name of the collection and the already iconic skate date where the philosophy of the brand is printed.  
All of Kiosq's items are available on the brand's website