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Burberry's latest campaign starring Marcus Rashford

Riccardo Tisci's plan to enhance the talents of the future

Burberry's latest campaign starring Marcus Rashford Riccardo Tisci's plan to enhance the talents of the future

After unveiling the partnership with Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United player who is making a name for himself even in the fashion world, Burberry is now unveiling its latest campaign, which sees Rashford himself among the protagonists, at his debut in a project like this. 

This campaign aims to look ahead, to the future: inspired by young people, it brings together a community of different talents and worlds. United by passion, commitment and love, this campaign is a celebration of their dreams, of exploration and of always going beyond. I am honoured that Burberry is able to partner with Marcus Rashford and extraordinary organizations around the world to give something back to the next generations, allowing them to explore their dreams. And starting from that concept - to explore and go beyond - I wanted to express in this campaign the true sense of freedom, the bold spirit and imagination that emerge when we push the boundaries, something that, at Burberry, we have always held close to our hearts, said Riccardo Tisci, creative director of the brand. 

The leitmotiv that characterizes the campaign is in fact the celebration of that creativity, of that youth of which Rashford is the most striking example. Burberry universe becomes dynamic, diversified, free. The cast reflects the contemporary society we live in, as well as the communities of young people that Burberry's new initiatives, along with Rashford, aim to support. 

The images of the campaign, photographed by Rafael Pavarotti with styling by Ibrahim Kamara, reflect the fusion of different worlds, thus becoming the creative combination of sport, high fashion and dance. Among the items photographed, stand out the ones that best embody the brand's DNA, such as outerwear, trench coats, diamond-quilted jackets and hooded down jackets made of recycled nylon. Accessories include the Pocket Bag, an archive-inspired canvas and leather tote with stitching. 

Finally, along with the images of the campaign, we find a video, created in collaboration with Megaforce, which intends to transport the viewer from every day to the extraordinary, offering a sort of daydream, ready to be explored. Directed by Katelin Arizmendi and choreographed by (LA) HORDE, a group of four young dancers, the short film explores a modern and revisited British landscape in a choreographed journey from the city to the sea.

As part of this multifaceted campaign, Burberry has joined forces with charities to support young people around the world, providing protection, encouragement and enabling them to shape their future. The campaign represents Burberry's enduring commitment to supporting communities and the brand's involvement in supporting the voices of tomorrow.