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5 street style trends spotted at the latest fashion weeks

Creative tailoring, bold patterns, leather, bags and long coats

5 street style trends spotted at the latest fashion weeks Creative tailoring, bold patterns, leather, bags and long coats
nss magazine

The other day, Paris Fashion Week marked the end of the SS21 women's fashion show season – an important season as it was symbolic of the re-start and adaptation of fashion after the shock of lockdown and coronavirus. nss magazine's photographers scoured the streets of major fashion capitals in search of the best street style looks and, gathered together, reports returned the image of five macro-trends that dominated among the audience of fashion insiders. 

Creative tailoring

There were many sartorial suits seen on the streets of Milan, Paris and Copenhagen. None of these, however, can be defined as "classic". Greys and blues are banned, the preserve of executives in their remote meeting rooms: the colors and buildings are capricious, the fit extremely relaxed, the accessories modify and distort the traditional and rigid silhouette. 

Bold patterns

Whether it's knitwear, workwear jackets or shirts, the street styke looks of the last fashion weeks have sent a clear message: don't be shy. The patterns are colorful, lively, often mixed together with reckless mix-and-match. The bright patchwork pattern, with several pieces of fabric combined as in a mosaic, suggest ideas of a do-it-yourself and playful fashion.


Leather is a perfect material: durable, shiny, gorgeous as it ages and as soft as butter when it's new, it always adds a touch of old-school badassery to every look. We are not talking here about simple accessories, but about trousers, jackets, coats, shirts. Almost a life of its own thanks to its ability to change grain and nuance over time and always classic, even in the most built and sophisticated garments, leather garments are and will always be a must in a level wardrobe. 

Men's Bags

In 2020 the pockets are just a decoration, no one would risk ruining the silhouette of a pair of pants with the perfect fit with the shape of a smartphone that emerges with every step. The same goes for keys, cigarette packets, wallets and so on. A puffy trouser is ugly trousers. So you need a bag: don't worry, the modern science of accessory design has created bags of any form imaginable, even simple enough for the hardest-and-pure man to wear one without making a bad impression.

Long coats

Always a genteel, warm and definitely scenic garment, long coats (both for men and women) are a must of the season. Nothing prevents you from finding outerwear that stops at the waist, but the way a long coat ennobles a silhouette is not really compared. In sync with the trend of bold patterns, this season the coats have received modern updates, with vivid colorways and quirky details.