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L.A. Trainer III S: adidas Originals & Foot Locker tell the story of Gen Z

From athletics tracks to sidewalks around the world exclusive to Foot Locker

L.A. Trainer III S: adidas Originals & Foot Locker tell the story of Gen Z From athletics tracks to sidewalks around the world exclusive to Foot Locker

If you've ever wondered where the adidas Originals L.A. Trainer, the explanation is the direct testimony of the history and legacy of the German brand.

The born of an icon

Appearing for the first time in 1980, the grand launch of the L.A. Trainer came only four years later, when adidas decided to take advantage of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics to launch its Spirit of the Games campaign. The absolute protagonists of the campaign are the L.A. Trainer,  quickly becomed not only a point of reference for the runner community but also a turning point in research and development in the world of sneakers. This is thanks to the three temples present in the midsole, able to modify the stability, support and comfort of the shoe according to your preferences. But the echo of the Trainers has arrived immortal to the present day, transforming them into a must-have sneaker and making their silhouette one of the most worn in Italy and in the world.

Back to the Future

After the partial restyling seen in 2011, adidas Originals and Foot Locker decided to change the cards once again with the L.A. Trainer III S, an updated and improved version that combines aesthetics and technology in a single sneaker. Aesthetics thanks to the attention to detail, from two-tone laces to reflective 3D prints, yet capable of celebrating the shoe's past while looking to the future.

As in the case of the three iconic buttons, here inserted in a midsole made lighter and more resistant. A versatile shoe, a symbol of aggregation and union, whether on the street or on a playing field. Not only sport then, but also a purely street vocation for L.A. Trainer III S that with a more modern design are candidates to become one of the new must-haves of Gen Z.

A sneakers to tell a generation

A series of premises that are found in what was told by Jordan Anderson, editor-at-large of nss magazine who collaborated on the project as cultural consultant:

“ The goal was to explore the Milanese youth world by using art to recreate a series of scenarios that are part of everyday life. An environment that allowed you to let yourself go and be yourself. ”

The character of escape from monotony is another aspect emphasized by Anderson as the basis of his work:

“ This new generation aims to find a way to escape from everyday life, something that is as fun as it is relaxing.To do this, there was a need for a location that recalled the way they dress to the music they listen to.From here we were able to reconstruct a space that reflects the spirit of the Milanese Gen Z, their ability to be ready for anything. The important thing is to do it together ”.

The adidas Originals L.A. Trainer III S will be available from 10 September exclusively for Foot Locker in two colourways, white with black details and solar yellow and black with solar red and solar yellow details.