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The new Burberry "Arthur" sneakers are here

The great English tradition meets street style

The new Burberry Arthur sneakers are here The great English tradition meets street style
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The new Burberry sneakers, brought on the catwalk by Riccardo Tisci, are called Arthur. Their appearance during the FW19 show of the brand had already generated a lot of hype and interest and now that they are available in-store and online, they're ready to become the definitive statement piece of the season. The sneaker is an interpretation of the never-ending trend that in recent years has made popular the chunky silhouette, and it pays tribute to one of the cornerstones of British fashion: the Wellington Boot, a "technical" boot ante litteram that the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, introduced and made popular almost two centuries ago. 

The Wellington boot was practical and resistant to rain, it could be used for riding but also to attend a public event. Over time it has become a real staple of men's footwear and that's why its form was reworked and transposed it into these new sneakers. The material with which they are manufactured, the e-canvas, is one of its most interesting features. Burberry has developed this fabric, a mix of polyurethane and cotton, using recycled materials with a low environmental impact. 

The technical look of the shoe is due to the melange of materials, from the aforementioned e-canvas to leather and rubber. The lower part of the upper is instead characterized by a glossy shoe cover that recalls rubber rain boots. It's no coincidence that the collection in which the Arthur silhouette debuted was dubbed "Tempest". A raised sole in perforated polyurethane completes the silhouette of the shoe, making it look like a true hybrid between a classic high-top sneaker and a rubber boot. On the heel, moreover, there is an embossed finish that bears the branding of the Fashion house. The Burberry monogram on the tip completes the shoe together with the rubberized plaque and a band on the tongue. 

With its aggressive design and the numerous colourways in which it is presented, including the main one decorated with the Burberry monogram designed by Tisci and art director Tom Saville, Arthur is set to become the ideal shoe to face the winter weather with style. 

The Arthur Burberry sneakers are now available in selected retailers and on the Burberry e-shop