Alterazioni Video collective is the fourth guest of Boldini Trendsetter, the project conceived and curated by cultural association Ilturco which accompanies the great exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Boldini, the artist born in Ferrara in 1842, with the aim of stimulating a critical reflection among young people on the theme of identity expressed through fashion .

Alberto Caffarelli and Matteo Erenbourg do not remember when they started to collaborate but explain how the collaboration with Virgil Abloh was born, for whom they've created the entire virtual setting of the show for Off-White's FW19 collection, presented in Paris last year January.

For 10 years Alterazioni Video has been carrying out a project dedicated to the unfinished works of the Italian landscape, a theme that has found affinity with the aesthetics of Off-White. The objective of both realities is in fact to overturn the negative perception of the incomplete, a technique also used in the paintings by Boldini and realized with rapid brushstrokes and open lines.

The work of the collective born in Milan in 2004 for Virgil showed an approach very similar to the one of Giovanni Boldini. The painter built landscapes reworking the codes of his time, which brought out the aesthetic and expressive qualities of the characters, as a skilled portraitist.

The work of Alterazioni Video was scenically one of the best things ever happened during the last show season. The fashion shows are the moments in which fashion manages to bring its narration to a complete sensory experience. For this reason, the expectations during the last work with Off-White were very high, also considering the importance of the designer and the attention he has always shown towards the aspects of communication and the relationship between items and images.

The interview was created for the educational project "The image in the mirror", organized by Ferrara Arte Foundation with the support of Eni on the occasion of the "Boldini e la Moda" exhibition, set up at the Palazzo Diamonds in Ferrara until 2 June. The students of the Einaudi Institute, of the Smiling International School and of the Ercole I d'Este Institute will quench their curiosities in the next videos with a Q & A with Matthew Williams, founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM and the marketing office of Felisi.