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Keanu Reeves has been reborn

The '90s icon is the new face of Saint Laurent

Keanu Reeves has been reborn The '90s icon is the new face of Saint Laurent

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling on Instagram when I stumbled upon a series of images posted by American magazine GQ which starred a revenant Keanu Reeves as I've never seen him before. Black tailored coat, striped suit complete with waistcoat, white shirt, dark sunglasses and long hair. And again, with a black turtleneck, a white Louis Vuitton suit, The Row black pants and leather loafers by Tom Ford. A new Keanu

In the David Jackson black and white shots, the Canadian actor becomes a magnetic, charismatic and mysterious persona: he hides behind those black lenses, but at the same time he seems to reveal unexpected fragility and melancholy. In these images, Keanu shows his age without filters, almost broken by the past he's carrying around. 


The '90s were the most successful decade for Reeves, who became globally famous thanks to movies with the likes of MatrixSpeedPoint BreakL'Avvocato del Diavolo. It was just a matter of time before he turned also into a sex symbol, emblem along with Winona Ryder of an understated but nevertheless glamorous aesthetic, which has remained an endless source of inspiration for the fashion industry to this day. 

After a period full of triumphs, it takes Keanu quite a few years before coming across a really successful project. It's 2014 when the world remembers of his existence, Reeves is back in the theatres with the movie John Wick, definitely not a masterpiece, but the right film to make his comeback. Keanu is back, at 54 years old, lead in a movie that without his charisma and natural elegance would have resulted in the classic Liam Neeson movie. What started out as an independent movie turned out to become a global blockbuster, earning 90 million dollars worldwide, a real franchise whose third chapter will be in theatres later this year. 

There's Anthony Vaccarello's King Midas touch behind the new series of images that a few days ago drew the attention of the world. This time in front of David Sims's lens, Keanu becomes the new face of Saint Laurent. Just a few shots, but that give immediately that rock'n'roll and rebellious attitude typical of both Saint Laurent and Reeves. 

With Saint Laurent Reeves begins a new chapter in his career, reminding us once again why we fell in love with him in the first place.