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The experience of the Milan Off-Campus according to the ones who lived it

Nine young creators on what made this event so special for them

The experience of the Milan Off-Campus according to the ones who lived it Nine young creators on what made this event so special for them

On Saturday, September 23rd, forty lucky people had the opportunity let their creativity run free alongside Virgil Abloh and the graphic designer of Nike Giorgio di Salvo during the workshop dedicated to the Italian step of the Off-Campus Nike c/o Virgil Abloh.

The whole experience has seen as its major task playing with the concept of "expression" in a DIY workshop featuring the Nike Air Force 1 for a four-hour full immersion into their most creative's selves.

We contacted some of the participants to let us know what it meant for them.


Francesco Di Cecca


The workshop experience was something unique in its kind, especially for the ability to create a living sketch through the shoe itself. The possibility of assembling and disassembling was the most interesting part because in the end it the "usability" wasn't the main goal but to understand how far you could push your imagination. 

Valeria Semushina


I was very happy to have participated in the workshop: it gave us the opportunity to create, use all our imagination, be crazy and have fun. I hope in the future there will be more creative projects like this, projects that give you the chance to accomplish something you love giving free space to your imagination.

Illegal Kikko

IUTER and Octopus Brand Communication & Marketing

During the workshop I thought of just let my creativity flow and it worked. The Nike c/o Virgil Abloh project I think was the best I have ever seen in these almost 15 years during which I followed the so-called "sneakergame". The important thing about my shoe is its message: Legalize Everything - I even removed the Gucci-like lace from my '95.


Domenico Romeo

Graphic Designer & Street Artist

The workshop gave the opportunity to rethink e "live" the creative process made by Virgil when he decided to reinterpret the ten Nike icons. It was great to see different people involved in the workshop and then to admire the various creations that were produced. 


Indi Irvin 

Eye Occupy creative agency

Was such an honor and privilege to be involved in Nike Lab's x Virgil Abloh workshop where we created our own designs on the classic white AF1 with various materials in the subject of reconstructing, remix, and icons. Crazy to be approached by Mr. Off-White himself congratulating me on my innovation. Out of 3,000 artists to apply to attend only 40 were chosen. Thank yo, Nike for always being so involved in the community.

Yuri Kaban

Graphic Designer

For me, it was all a lot of fun, from the development of the idea to its actual realization... it happens rarely to be able to work manually and when there are such activities it is always a great emotion.


Domenico Formichetti

Artist & Designer

An infinity of materials to personalize the Air Force 1, two exceptional supervisors, a good group to chat with during the creation's hours... a unique experience that has allowed 40 guys to create something special that reflects their vision of the model and what it represents for them.

Daniel Sansavini

Graphic Designer and Art Director

The workshop was fun! It was a long time since I didn't "play", I love classics, that's why I did not cover this Air Force 1 with stationery stuff, My friend Nat said: "Great Idea with simple execution", that's it, hopefully next time I’ll have a saw...

Patrizio Vita

Founder and co-owner One Block Down

Participating in the workshop was exciting and energetic. I've always been a fan of creating and  I could spend hours amongpencils, ribbons, scissors and cutters . Sneakers and fashion are pretty much my job so I was easily transported from the situation. The working group was made up of friends and acquaintances, it was also an encounter and exchange of opinions where I believe that good ideas and valid reflection come into being, but the most important thing was the energy, the passion that this kind of experience produces! This type of events should be made more often to bring consumers closer to the product and the product closer to consumers. Today, trends last about 6 months, ideas directly from the street are crucial!
For the future I hope that this kind of event can be opened not only to people of the industry but also to a wider audience: never before as today the segment needs to divulge a culture different from the one of reselling!