Are you addicted sneakers, but, unfortunately, your wallet is always empty and you cannot buy any shoes you’d like?

Well, maybe Dover Street Market London has the right solution for you.

In fact, the famous store has decided to give a gift to all those who dream of owning a piece of the highly anticipated “The Ten” collection in collaboration by Virgil Abloh and Nike. How? By organizing a raffle that will have as a prize, September 18 to 22, 5 of the 10 pairs of new Nike.

The 18th is the turn of the Vapor Max, the next day is the one of Blazer, 20 of the Air Max 90, 21 of the Air Jordan and, finally, 22 of the Air Presto.

DSM London launches a raffle to win the first 5 models of “The Ten” collection  From September 18th al 22th, do you feel lucky? | Image 0

If you’re unlucky or rich enough to buy the shoes reworked by Abloh, we remind you that will hit NikeLab stores and other select retailers around the world in November. 

Test your fate and try the DSM ruffle here.