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The 5 best Sneakers to look on point at Art Basel Miami

Give me Five

The 5 best Sneakers to look on point at Art Basel Miami Give me Five

Hands up who is not picky when buying a sneaker. The desert of arms to the sky.

Among the meticulous choice of color, printing, materials; between research innovation, technology, comfort and among the various focus on design and overall appeal of the models on the market, the factors to be considered are frighteningly many. Hence each of us wearing the unwitting role of the art critic, carefully evaluating every single detail, until you reach the gratifying final choice, one that repays all intellectual efforts made in research.

But in the end, there really that much difference between a sneaker and a work of art? Or the same sneaker can be considered an extension of the category?

In both cases, the starting point is an intuition whimsical: the creative team on the one hand and the stereotype of the artist with brush / chisel in the other hand. The initial idea is then detailed in a project that is realized, creating a product.

Both an artist and brand, develop their insights by following a personal style that can give the final artwork features recognizable. The principle is simple: you need just a fleeting look at a Picasso to identify the author, as well as analysis tools are needed to distinguish one from Nike un'adidas. The style then go to a wedding with the signature of the artist: welcome to the branding process. Yes, because that segnetto graph that the artist puts on his work thing is whether or not the equivalent of the brand for a sneaker? Always to disturb our friend over here: the paintings of Picasso are indistinguishable from those of other painters? Do not follow a certain line of evolution? Not all have certain characteristics? Definitely. This is because the transposition material entity / brand and the summary of his vision perceptible.

What can be so substantial difference between a painting, a sculpture and a sneaker if not essentially the mode of production and the cultural industry - and not - to which they are intended?

Driven by euphoria Art Basel, now we want to reclaim the artistry that every shoe should boast.

Here are the five sneaker of the moment, combined with five works currently on display at the exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Miami.

#1 Nike air max 95 escape qs

#2 Air jordan 4 lab 1

#3 Nike nsw tiempo 94 dlx qs

#4 Nike lunar force 1 jacquard qs

#5 Air jordan spizike gg hyper pink

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