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10 tips to seduce chicks at the Art Basel

How to impress with your IQ

10 tips to seduce chicks at the Art Basel How to impress with your IQ

If you still think that December only means gifts, christmas and relatives , you are completely wrong. The month of December, from the opening of Art Basel Miami, is also synonymous of art .

If it confuses you , we proceed with order . The Art Basel is a modern and contemporary art event that takes place every summer since 1970 in Basel, Switzerland. The event brings together thousands of artists from all the the world who are engaged in lots of artistic expression, starting from painting to video art and so on. In 2002 the exhibition also created a winter edition in December in Miami Beach.

Well, the Art Basel is upon us. The artists and girls, many beautiful girls, who will take part to the event are already preparing themselves so it's your time to impress girls using only your IQ. It's a well-known fact that a man with a considerable cultural background, more if in the arts fields, has more chance of getting preferential ways into the women world.

So here are ten tips about art to be studied and used at the right moment to impress - and make yours - the creative women present at the event.

1. The Art Basel in Switzerland is the most authentic

Many people in the art world believe that the Art Basel in Miami has become too commercial and only rotate around the party rather than the art. Say to a girl that you prefer the Swiss version of Art Basel will make you look deeper and not interested in frivolity. The fact that you say it with dark circles caused by the previous night's party is an insignificant detail.

2. It's important to know random fact about art

Knowing random fact about art will make you appear wise and informed. An example? The British artist Damien Hirst is known for his spot paintings. You can add that we find the spotted  leitmotiv in 1365 works and also that the number of dots in one of his paintings can vary from 1 up to a million. Why do not tell that we can estimate that he has painted more than 10 million in his entire career? Remember that you are a wise and informed person, it's necessary to fully showcase your skills.

3 . It's important to know random fact about artists

It's also cool to know facts that you don't usually read on art books. You could talk about how Andy Warhol hated leftovers and about the fact that he had never eaten them in his entire life. It's true, I swear.

4 . Pretend to know personally lots of artists

Don't you ever gone out for a drink with Jean-Michel Basquiat ? Don't worry, pretend you did. Nominate an artist nonchalantly as if he were a friend of you, it will make you look very trendy. Avoid talking about Basquiat in the present time: I remind you that he died in 1988.

5. You need to know the trends of art

Remember this simple fact: the main theme of the last Art Basel were the mirrors. Mirrors everywhere. Do you know it because you were there, of course. No one can ever imagine that last December you were preparing Christmas cookies with your old aunt.

6. Memorize everything about an artistic movement at least

Art is nothing without its movements. Choose one and memorize its Wikipedia page. Or remember this, it's an evergreen : "Pop Art is one of the most important artistic movements of the postwar period and turns its attention to objects, myths and the language of the consumer society". Do not tell it like a robot, please.

7. Being cutting edge

To impress it's very importante being cutting edge. An example: the digital is now embracing every field of our existence, even art. In this regard you can quote Angela Washko , the first artist who has monetized by selling a Vine she created . If you really want impress you could say also that the Vine was titled " Tits on Tits on Ikea " and showed a girl sitting on a Ikea sofa, who held near the breast a computer which ran images of two hands touching two balloons, similar to two boobs.

8. Do not be hateful and arrogant

The boundary between appearing a pedantic asshole and a intellectual lover is very vague. A woman doesn't want to feel stupid, for that already exists Top Gear.

9. Let always your knowledge emerge

Clearly, these suggestions are not only applicable to the context of Art Basel. Even a vernissage in your town could be the ideal opportunity to put into practice the things you have just learned. Beware of only one thing ....

10.  ...Coherence!

If the event you are taking part is an exhibition of the artworks of kindergarteners, forget everything you've just learned.


... If you are unable to catch a flight to Miami, from this year you can exclusive follow Art Basel Miami on our channels.

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