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La realta' visionaria di Beppe Giacobbe

Illustratore di idee

La realta' visionaria di Beppe Giacobbe Illustratore di idee

His images have the lightness of intense thought and a confidentiality contemplative nod.

There is a reflection behind each element, which puts all agree in the game of association idea-image; there is controversy, often summarized in a few but clear -and universally interpretable- signs.

Beppe Giacobbe, is published in Italy (and in other countries) by large publishing houses and by notes mastheads, that very often, to be exact, utilize its illustrations as covers of books, posters, cartoons of satire, because they have a direct nature, a language, and a yield of together of strong impact.

His illustrations represent the society in all its meanings, ideas, food, politics, in the psyche: each concept takes form, each form and as a metaphor of the aspects of life that serves as an example almost, and that has a stop in actual reality more practical things.

The vocabulary visionary of this artist is infinite, in continuous becoming, a demonstration of the fact that, even in an era iperpubblicitaria, another communication is possible!