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The 10 best celebrity dream houses

Including Justin Bieber's new mansion and Drake's villa in Toronto

The 10 best celebrity dream houses Including Justin Bieber's new mansion and Drake's villa in Toronto

These days it's impossible to count the comments of the web on the stratospheric houses in which the VIPs are locked up. In some cases, their homes also snatch a few laughs: this is the case of Jennifer Lopez's villa, compared to the nightmarish house seen in the Oscar-winning film Parasite by Bong Joon-ho. The last one is that of Drake, shown in the video of Toosie Slide, but in the last few hours, Justin Bieber's mansion has also gone viral, photoshopped inside the most famous video games. 

nss magazine has selected the 10 most beautiful houses where celebrities are spending their quarantine.


Justin Bieber

If for the ancient poet Horace the aurea mediocritas (the "middle way") was a priceless asset, it most likely isn't for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: their home looks like the headquarters of the Avengers. The house, estimated to be worth an estimated 8.5 million dollars, is embellished with all kinds of items: inflatable Supreme mattresses, Kaws toys (a must have) and kittens. The touch of class: a huge portrait of the two newlyweds.

David & Victoria Beckham

After selling the iconic Beckhingam's Palace in England, David Beckham has just bought himself an apartment in the One Thousand Museum, one of Miami's most exclusive palaces, for a modest sum of 24 million dollars. But the quarantine is passed in the family: that's when, together with their children and in-laws, they packed their bags and holed up on their estate in the Cotswolds. A true bucolic paradise nestled in the wonderful English hills.

Alessandra Ambrosio

"The Sweet Home": this is the nickname given by Alessandra Ambrosio to her wonderful villa in California (inspired by La Dolce Vita), decorated with photos (they are on every wall) and exotic candelabras. There's no doubt that quarantine is sweeter with a garden (and a pool) like that.

JJ Reddick

On the East Coast, the NBA star and his wife recently enjoyed an apartment in New York's DUMBO neighborhood (literally: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, under the Brooklyn Bridge). There's nothing missing, not even a collection of ceramic jaguars. The icing on the cake? The guest bathroom, entirely covered with a wallpaper inspired by the jungle fantasy of his wife's favorite Louis Vuitton bag. Delicate.

Kris Jenner

A loyal resident of Calabasas (as well as her daughters, who, however multibillion-dollar, have never lived far from their mother), momager Kris Jenner recently left the historic mansion where she lived with her family (and for a time with Kanye West) in favor of a retreat in the Hidden Hills of Los Angeles. The house is very sophisticated: that the taste of Yeezus also influenced the mother-in-law?

Dakota Johnson

It's time to accept it: Dakota Johnson has style. Her Los Angeles home is small, but full of amazing items: there's the book Patti Smith gave her, The Funko Pop of Barbs by Stranger Things, a collection of designer dishes that you should definitely not touch, and even a beautiful garden table made from Winston Churchill's yatch wood - which you can't sit on (you can't sit on). Simple, but irresistible.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

They're the sweetest couple in Hollywood. They bought their Beverly Hills mansion in 2016 from Rihanna, but over the years have turned it into the perfect home hearth. Special mention for the kitchen, Chrissy's favorite room: on the other hand, two cookbooks don't write themselves.

Lenny Kravitz

Nemmeno Lenny Kravitz è un campione di sobrietà: non lo è mai stato con i look, figuriamoci per le case. La sua ultima trovata è una fattoria in Brasile: l’ideale per fare una cavalcata, coltivare verdura fresca, grigliare un po’ di peperoni e fare un bagno in una vasca d’antiquariato in camera da letto. Nelle sere romantiche, si può anche suonare un pianoforte in plexiglass.


It's gone viral following the release of the videoclip for Toosie Slide, but Drake's new villa in Toronto is something you couldn't even imagine. Inside of it, there's everything you can think of, including a basketball field and some crocodile Birkins here and there. Let the contest for those who find the most objects in the video begin: it will be the favorite game of your quarantine. 

Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West

And who else? The Kimye's house is amazing. The most beautiful rooms are probably the bathroom (pretty much a tropical oasis) and the fridge (it's up to you to decide which one). Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans now know her: perhaps more so than Kim herself, who in a recent interview with Architectural Digest confessed that she never bathed in her pool. Who is offering to inaugurate it?