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The new PlayStation is coming

Graphics in 8K, special effects from Hollywood and a new Virtual Reality Viewer

The new PlayStation is coming Graphics in 8K, special effects from Hollywood and a new Virtual Reality Viewer

You asked to Santa the first PlayStation, released in December 1994 and sold in almost 105 million items, you replaced it in 2000 with the PS2, completely renewed and futuristic in design, going through the PS3 in 2006 and for the fourth model of the console in 2013, faithful friend, an antidote against boredom of post-school afternoons. If you have gone through all these evolutions of the console produced by Sony, the good news is that a new PlayStation is coming, completely renewed, which will change what game can be.

As reported by Wired, at Sony's headquarters in Foster City (CA), Mark Cerny - Lead System Architect for PlayStation - announced what will be the changes of the new PS, whose name has not yet been formalized but which for now it is called "Console Next-Gen".

A large number of creative and design studios are working on the project, with the idea of ​​integrating the desires of the developers with the growing needs of the over 90 million users who own PS4, more and more accustomed and looking for the highest levels of realism.
Cerny has announced that the new console will support 8K graphics (all you need is the right TV screen), system memory and speed will be improved as well. An SSD will greatly increase the speed of execution, resolving downloads for which now it takes almost 15 seconds in 0.8 sec. The time for will also be diminished thanks to a new hard drive.

Among the special innovations there's also the GPU, a custom variant of Radeon’s Navi family, will support ray tracing, a technique that models the travel of light to simulate complex interactions in 3D environments. An important innovation considering that no console has ever adopted this technique, until now only used by Hollywood studios.
Many had criticized the relative improvement of the sound between the PS3 and the PS4, Cerny confirmed that there will be substantial improvements, to allow to enhance the gaming experience. The idea is to live the virtual space physically and from within, to involve gamers more, thanks to an announced new Virtual Reality Viewer.

Cerny has not spoken about prices and games, so it will be necessary to wait again for new information. The next-gen PS, which will not be released in 2019, will have a completely new packaging, it will support PS4 games and will not give up the physical disc, the one that you tried to clean with your t-shirt, or broke after a 90th-minute loss against your (now ex) friend.