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"Portraits of Venice" by Fabian Guerrero

BornxRaised's lookbook is a tribute to the families of Venice Beach

Portraits of Venice by Fabian Guerrero BornxRaised's lookbook is a tribute to the families of Venice Beach

BornxRaised chooses the talent of Fabian Guerrero for the lookbook of his summer collection. The photographer portrays eight families from Venice Beach in front of their homes and in the streets of the neighborhood where they were born and raised. Their proud and beautiful looks tell the strength of those who have been able to adapt to changes while maintaining their heritage and local pride. They tell, as Spanto explains, one of the founders of the Los Angeles brand, a world that has almost completely disappeared due to the gentrification that hit the area:

"I come from Venice, California. My city today is really too expensive for those who were born there 20 or 30 years ago, and this due to the arrival of new inhabitants much more affluent ... We must learn together how to evolve, staying true to our families and our communities, so that we can stay close while we face change."

Since its launch in 2013, the main objective of BornxRaised has been to highlight and combat this phenomenon by using fashion to give voice to people representing the cultures of different minorities. Guerrero's shots are a perfect example of this philosophy: nothin and stereotyped models, no glossy images or studied poses, but real people portrayed in their streets.

Each family, from the Luna to the Wright who have resided in the neighborhood since 1903, was chosen by Spanto himself.

"We wanted to capture real people who are living, breathing and hustling – the people who have been around what Venice and LA really is”.

This is also why every "model" wears, along with pieces from the BornxRaised collection that includes oversized sweatshirts, flannels and t-shirts with a 90s mood, even garments that make their daily look, taken from their wardrobe.