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Conversation with Erik Brunetti

September 25, Slam Jam, Via Pasquale Paoli 3/5, Milan

Conversation with Erik Brunetti September 25, Slam Jam, Via Pasquale Paoli 3/5, Milan

Slam Jam, Via Pasquale Paoli 3/5, Milan. An event to mark on the calendar, to underline several times with a red marker. An exhibition to celebrate the 20 years of history of "FUCT", the brand of Erik Brunetti, with the exposition of his most important artworks.

Mr Brunetti has a very interesting personality: the versatile artist and designer told me about himself, introducing me his vision of the world, his art, his "FUCT".

"I'm not a Creature made for the front row. I'll take the back seat".

I've been for a while in LA experiencing its relaxed and chill mood and I was expecting from Eric to be one of the LA guys - like Kanye West - using words that would always sounds like " you know", "cool", "me and my kids", "gang".

I was lucky enough and blessed to meet one of the last anarchic artist still alive in a world of creature made just to exist in a front row, cocktail party or a sponsored event.

Gently speaking and not irritated by my question: "how you didn't sell your soul to the industry?" he explained me how, for nature, he rejects the idea of the institutions in general and how LA has become fake about every single part of everyday and artist life that we could expect...and it's not because of Hollywood.

"Milan seems to be more genuine and it's not a competition to who did this or who did that first". 

About "FUCT" he defines this not as a project but like a movement of energy in his life that will last as long as he can breath - since is it's vision about changing, time and contemporary culture. It can't be defined as a trend or a street wear line, it's just about having a vision.

The chance of enjoying a showcase with an artist is something that we all should grab and I can assume I got the chance to chat with such an inspiring man.